CB Facebook and Twitter Connect 3.0 released!

CB Login with Facebook and Twitter connect buttons

The CB Facebook Connect 3.0 and CB Twitter Connect 3.0 plugins have just been released as free upgrades for all Advanced, Professional and Developer members.

Both can be downloaded from the: Advanced Download area.

Recently Twitter has changed their integration protocol breaking all previous integration plugins.

The new releases are now significantly faster (quicker page loading) and now have less conflicts with other social scripts that may be also present on your website. Kyle has rewrittent both CB Twitter and CB Facebook connect plugins to use their own internal javascript libraries.

Open your website to millions of users with CB Facebook and Twitter Connect that enable your users to register and/or login on your website using their Facebook or Twitter credentials. If you are a Professional or Developer member you should use CB Connect 4.0 instead as it supports more social networks and also supports (Facebook and Twitter) social applications.

Upgrading is a simple install over existing previous versions. No changes need to be made on the Facebook or Twitter application side. Documentation has also been updated.

And as with all our CB plugins, these work natively on all versions of Joomla - even the latest Joomla 3.1 beta 1 !

Community Builder 1.9 is required for both plugins.

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