GroupJive 3.0 Stable Released !


GroupJive 3.0 can be downloaded by all paid members.

GroupJive 3.0 is ready to empower your community members to create their own mini-communities with media sharing, group events and private discussions. And it looks great on all viewing devices (smart phones, tablets and desktops) with Community Builder 2.0.12+ (required).

GroupJive 3.0 has been totally rewritten for a completely fresh new intuitive user experience.

The main features of GroupJive 3.0 are:

  • Fully CB 2.0 compatible and fully responsive (smart phones, tablets, desktops)
  • New canvas layout
  • Simplified single level hierarchy of groups with group categories
  • Joomla ACL support for Groups and Categories
  • Groups can be of Open, Approval or Invite type
  • Catgeories can restrict Group types
  • Photo, video and file sharing
  • Invitations to increase group membership
  • Group Events with Google maps integration
  • Wall and private forum (Kunena) discussions
  • Notifications and communications with email and private messaging (uddeIM)
  • Joomla search support for group content
  • Showcase groups and categories with GroupJive module
  • Full integration with CB Activity and CB Auto Action for powerful workflow and activity streams
  • Localization support using CB Language plugins

With this release we have reached a major milestone as we now have all our Professional add-ons, our CBSubs GPL Paid Subscriptions Solution and our Joomla Templates fully CB 2.0 compatible !

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