CB Field Groups 2.0.0

A new release of CB Field Groups has arrived with amazing new features and use case potential. You can now nest field groups inside of field groups! Check out the details below.

It's now possible to place a field group directly inside of a field group maintaining its repeat capabilities, sorting capabilities, and its row limits. This is completely functional with all other plugins compatible with field groups as well. Take a look below.

This should open up all kinds of new possibilities. Tables within tables of data. In addition to this CB Conditional and CB Privacy have both been fully enabled within field groups. Yes, this means you can directly use conditions and privacy controls on fields inside of a field group and they will work. Take a look at how privacy controls display below.

Check out the CB Conditional 6.0.0 and CB Privacy 7.0.0 blog posts where this has been made possible with improvements to those integrations.

In addition to the above Float and Tag field types are now also available in field groups. Substituting in fields from a field group has also been made a little easier. Previously it was basically impossible to get the last row of a field group as a substitution without knowing the row index. So for example [cb_fieldgroup_0_cb_text] would give the cb_text value from the cb_fieldgroup field group field from row 0 (the first row). You can now use [cb_fieldgroup_first_cb_text] and [cb_fieldgroup_last_cb_text] to quickly and easily access first and last rows.

Multiple improvements have also been made to the search behavior. Note for these improvements you do need the latest CB build release. These improvements allow simple searches to use more optimized JSON SQL functions for faster searching.

For a full list of changes check out the change log below.


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