What benefits are associated with Professional Membership ?

Professional members get the following benefits:

  • Access to latest CB stable release and all Free pacakges from the Free Download area
  • Access to CB PRIMER Book from the Free download area
  • Access to all CB GroupJive plugins from the Advanced download area
  • Access to CB Connect add-on from the Professional download area
  • Access to the CB Activity add-on from the Professional download area
  • Access to all Professional 30 add-ons from the Professional download area.
  • Access to RC (release candidate) and nightly build packages of CB, GroupJive and other add-ons when available.
  • Posting privileges on the Professional Support forum area for same/next business day response handling by CB Team members.
  • Authorization to remove the Powered by Community Builder footer in front-end
  • Discounts for other products and services

When your 3/6/12 month subscription is over you still keep and use what you downloaded forever on all your websites!

However you will no longer be able to download new add-on releases and packages and you will not be able to post support requests on the Advanced support forums area.

You can become a Professional member and upgrade to Developer just by paying the price difference (no penalty or surcharge is applied).

You can see a full comparison chart regarding available membership levels.

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