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Free members have the following benefits:

You can see a full comparison chart regarding available membership levels.

The free downloads you can access contain:

  • Latest Community Builder package that includes:
    • CB Component (installed using your Joomla Extensions menu)
    • CB Login module (to use instead of the Joomla login module)
    • CB Online module (to use instead of the Joomla user online module)
    • CB Moderation Workflow module (for frontend moderation approvals)
    • Installation guide
  • Community Builder Application Programming Interface (API) if you wich to create your own CB plugins.
  • CB Admin Navigation module to create Joomla (2.5, 1.5 or 1.0) administration area menu for CB (installed as a Joomla administration module).
  • CB Core Redirect Joomla plugin (for Joomla 2.5) that will redirect any Joomla login or registration URLs to related CB pages.
  • CB Author name user profile Joomla plugin (for Joomla 2.5) that will replace Joomla article author name with CB formated name of author that links back to author's CB user profile.
  • PHP Memory testing script that will help you when Checking your PHP memory.

With the Free Community Builder downloads you can:

  • Create extended registration forms that collecting additional details from your website applicants.
  • Support registration approval workflows using frontend CB Workflow module where your moderation team can approve or reject new registrations.
  • Create user profiles comprised of fields and organized in tabs.
  • Create unlimited fields (single check-box, multi-select check-box, single select drop-down, multi-select drop-down, text, text area, html editor, image, password, email, web address, delimiter html).
  • CB fields can be read only, marked for frontend profile display, included or not in registration form.
  • User profile avatar images from preset gallery or from uploaded image (image approval is supported via CB Moderation Workflow module).
  • Use included profile apps to integrate your profiles with Joomla articles (shown in author user profiles), to integrate with Kunena forum extension (Kunena forum must be downloaded and installed separtely) and to integrated wuth uddeIM private messaging (uddeIM extension must be downloaded and installed separetly).
  • Create unlimited user lists that include CB field data and can be filtered by field data.
  • Literally hundreds of built-in features that you can use and configure to customize your community.

You can get more add-ons, support and detailed Community Builder documentation by upgrading your membership.

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