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18 years 4 months ago #2308 by trail
Plugin - Last Profile Visitors was created by trail
I wanted to output the visitors to every profile, on a tab in every users profile.

I also wanted to create 3 plugins in 3 days. Wich i did now!! :)
I have to admit that without the help of JoomlaJoe i would not have gotten this far.. (Thanks JJ!)

Alright... pre alpha example teaser visible on dutch site in the 'Laatste bezoekers' Tab.

1) Now fully translatable in backend. (pffft)
2) Configurable options in backend.
3) Shows the last members who visited a profile and nicely lists avatar, username, visit date in a tab on the CB profiles.

It can also show a count of visitors. This means users can easily see whos interested in them. But it made this so clear that i suggest you DISABLE it. On my site users got scared to view the profiles of ppl they have a crush on.. coz that user will clearly see a spike in their visit total.. i have now disabled it.. :)

On the bottom, out of sight in this screenie, it also shows the total amount of guests that visited the profile since installation of CB RC2. I suggest you add the date of the month you installed RC2 to the language string in the backend so it says: XX Guests have visited this profile SINCE November 2005.. or something..

I made 3 functional plugins, in 3 days wich was my goal!! ( Age , Gamehall , LastViews)

All plugins are JP-karmaware.. i like to see that karma counter go up :)

Installation Instructions:
1) Install the plugin.
2) Publish it at plugin manager.
3) Check the tab manager for settings and save settings.
(important: input 0 in exclusionlist if you don't plan on using it or the tab wont show.)
4) Publish the tab.

Upgrade intsructions:
1) Either uninstall the previous, install the new one loosing your current backend settings.
2) Overwrite the files by FTP manually and goto tab manager and -save- your settings again to add the new options.

Expected behaviour:
1) On a profile without hits since installation of RC2, no lastviews tab is shown.
2) On a profile with less than set listlimit hits since installation of RC2, lastviews tab with actual current hitcount will be shown.
3) CB users with avatar will have avatar shown, users without will have tnnophoto in your own language shown, if this fails, default english tnnophoto is shown.
4) Total count can be shown to admins and moderators. This moderator group can be selected.
5) Total count CAN be shown to profile owners if you set this option in backend. (not recommended)
6) Total count CAN be shown to all users, if you set this option in backend. (not recommended)
7) If you happily use this KarmaWare plugin and do not give me JP karma here, you get universal negative karma wich will result in the fact that your servers harddrive will be deleted by mysterious universal forces. :( :( :(

download v0.2.9 Stable version

v0.1.0beta-> initial release.
v0.1.2beta-> fixed tablenames from mos_ to #__ :)
v0.1.3beta-> fixed alignment bug in bottom guest count table.
v0.1.4beta-> fixed nonrooted installs + added (user)name feature
v0.1.5beta-> added automatic timezone offset calculation, moderator/admin group for total display can now be selected, total display to moderator/admin group can now be entirely disabled, style of date display is now backend selectable.
v0.1.6beta-> added option to enter a comma seperated list of userids to exclude from listing, added check for CB-banned user and avatarunapproved and will display tnnophoto image if either check fails.
v0.1.7beta-> fixed 'no tab shows' problem when leaving exclusion list blank. edit: uploaded wrong version :p !!
v0.1.8beta-> fixed visit count when displayed without totals on profiles with less than listlimit hits.
v0.1.9beta-> optimized guestcount code. (nice find viames)
v0.2.0beta-> added viames code additions for alternating rows and SEF.
v0.2.1beta-> added 2 more user naming sceme options and karma reminder :)
v0.2.2prestab-> installer version fixed + Beat enhanced security and did a overal review! (thanks Beat!)
v0.2.3prestab-> changed/enhanced looks and cleaned up some code.
v0.2.4prestab-> added option to hide guestcount.
v0.2.5prestab-> dani_bs optimized / enhanced the code, and added some more date features for italian users. (thanks for the cooperation daniele!)> fixed width to 95% and went stable!> additional date formats added by dani_bs :)> performance issue fixed by Beat. (thanks!)> timezone offset bug fixed and hardenend security.

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18 years 4 months ago #2310 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Plugin - Last Profile Visitors
Trail, you are inspiring the hell out of me!
Keep it up!

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18 years 4 months ago #2311 by rick
Replied by rick on topic Re:Plugin - Last Profile Visitors

That's awesome, hope you enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling from that karma ;)

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Joomla! 1.0.7 Stable
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18 years 4 months ago #2348 by eyezberg
Replied by eyezberg on topic Re:Plugin - Last Profile Visitors
Do you have enough karma now to release? :laugh:

Can do french lang if you want..

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18 years 4 months ago #2396 by balous
Replied by balous on topic Re:Plugin - Last Profile Visitors
Great job!!! Cant wait to see it in action

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18 years 4 months ago #2441 by hedingsi
Replied by hedingsi on topic Re:Plugin - Last Profile Visitors
greate work

if you want i can translate it into german (formal an informal :laugh: )
karma is going up

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