Update for CB 1.1 to support Fireboard 1.0.3

15 years 8 months ago #54594 by richm
I checked Joomlapolis and BestofJoomla for a plugin that will work properly with Fireboard 1.0.4, but have not seen a definitive solution.

Over here in Joomlaopolis, I see a lot of discussion about the modified simpleboard plugin for fireboard 1.0.3 in this thread, but people are having troubles with 1.0.4.

Over at BestofJoomla, they talk about the LucaZone 2.0 beta plugin for 1.0.3 created six weeks ago, but they having troubles with that one too.

When I visit LucaZone (who is providing the beta 2.0 plugin), their board is in Italian although it doesn't appear to have anything on it regarding 1.0.4 and CB.

I am assuming that this means we should stay at Fireboard 1.0.3 for awhile, at least until a working CB plugin can be created for 1.0.4 or an even newer release. Is that correct?

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15 years 7 months ago #56609 by MountainProud
Replied by MountainProud on topic Re:Update for CB 1.1 to support Fireboard 1.0.3
I've been having a problem with the UnSubscribe From All in the user profile. I managed to get the regular "Unsubscribe" working.

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15 years 6 months ago #58665 by Phleum
This version of the plugin worked out of the box for me. Thanks!

I've applied a hack to Fireboard where users can subscribe to categories (rather than jsut a thread). There is a thread at BestofJoomla, or concise instructions here: www.wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk/FBHack/HowTo.html

I took a stab at modifying this plugin so that it would work with the subscribe to category hack in this thread.

Now this plugin will show subscribed posts and subscribed categories, and will give users a way to unsubscribe to both.

Begin by loading the package above from Joomlapolis. Follow the instructions to make sure the updated simpleboard plugin works out of the box. Then write this version of cb.simpleboardtab.php over Nant's.


  1. My template didn't like the way this plugin used the css class "sectiontableheader", so I changed some of teh formatting, too. (it worked better for me)

  2. You'll have to define an additional language string: _UE_USER_CAT_SUBSCRIPTIONS (I defined it as "Your Category Subscriptions" to match).

  3. I broke the "unsubscribe all" form, if it worked properly in the first place. (I assume it did, because the favorites one still works). I didn't find it necessary so I commented it out instead of fussing with it.

  4. If a user has either a post or category subscription, the query for each will always have something in it, so your lose the "no subscriptions" text. You can tweak the SQL to make that work better, I'm sure.

  5. IE says it the page loads with errors, but it still seems to work fine

  6. Sorry I didn't comment my changes well. Compare them to the other to see what I did. I left most everyhting (except some extra <div>s after reformating)

If anyone can improve on this, I wouldn't mind ;)
Let us know how it works for you.

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15 years 3 months ago #63623 by malexs
i made some mods to the FB theme so that the user doesnt see the FB profile when they set FB to use the CB profile.. its no use confusing the user with two different profiles.. you can see them here

it also fixes the problem where the user is taken to the FB profile page after un-subscribe or un-favourite a tread from their CB profile tab..

forgot to mention, this is with FB 1.0.4 :)

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