Community Builder 2.1 with 82 new features is here!

4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #289049 by nant
Community Builder 2.1 with 82 new features is here!

Here is the full CB 2.1 Changelog:


6338 Change forgot login redirect from done to forgot login
6329 Implement SEO paging URLs
6313 PRIVATE report: Add new security feature for external links
6309 Implement canvas layout for online module
6302 Implement checking for new nightly build if nightly is installed
6291 Implement open and close api for cbselect
6289 Improved display triggers to allow replacing the return
6285 Implement IF substitution nesting
6283 Replace checkbox/radio column usage with Bootstrap
6279 Implement user management date range filters
6252 Implement taking over Joomlas login POST
6242 Rewrite router with modern usages
6234 Implement easier way to find language keys
6232 Implement canvas reposition
6222 Implement client side resizing
6221 Custom online module output
6202 Update fontawesome
6192 Improve password change security
6159 Implement param for verify field description
6147 Implement additional user management sort options
6128 Implement multi fieldtype limit parameter
6116 Implement file field filename format param
6102 Improve modal overflow
6098 Redo profile canvas
6097 Fields validation by PERL regexp: Improve error dislpay by surrounding regexp validations with try-catch to avoid fatal eror
6095 Change Rewrite URLs to default enabled
6059 Change userlist usergroupids to text type
5973 Implement escape binding for modal windows
5972 Hide manage connection tabs with no content
5946 Implement trigger for replaceUserVars
5928 Remove Itemid fallback to userlist
5913 Implement userlist search layout
5878 Implement collapsible fieldsets
5876 Replace CBSnoopy usages with Guzzle
5803 Implement jQuery validation for forbidden words
5757 Improve dialog/confirm usage
5749 Add connections mode filtering for CB Online module
5747 Implement support for profile url and improve profile alias
5746 Implement userlist view tooltip hover for formatname
5706 Improve canvas profile picture CSS
5704 Allow override.css to load for default template
5702 Implement language plugin backend for overrides
5603 Implement calendar only datetime usage
5581 Implement confirm dialogs for tools
5532 Implement user list specific number of users message
5530 Implement userlist specific language keys
5529 Implement IF substitution based off the view
5516 Update name fields regardless of name style
5487 Implement field specific language keys for field language strings
5446 Implement support for Unicode Aliases in CB Blogs
5402 Update jQuery plugins
5371 CB User Lists could have an option to not appear in the drop-down (but only with direct menu link)
5279 Remove webaddress schema stripping
5258 Implement for tab title counters to be optional
5252 Change backend language load order
5245 Enable cookie tracking for step by step tabs
5228 Redo userlist form submit
5198 Plugin params don't inform you the plugin is unpublished
5197 Implement support for "Require Password Reset"
5175 Expand CB User Management Search Tools to filter for pending approval images
5156 Implement user management REGEX advanced search operator
5088 CB Blogs, CB Forums, and CB Articles hide empty tab
5008 Implement support for plugin by plugin routers
5002 Implement support for empty select value
4967 Blogs, Articles, and Forums ordering
4949 Add method to not show users in CB Online module
4947 Implement accordion tab display mode
4941 Implement system plugin disabled error
4865 Allow blank value option for select fields
4846 extend date field profile view format to profile edit
4764 Add Kunena banning action when user profile is banned and Kunena is present
4761 Make registration IP address storage field optional
4686 Image status filtering in CB User Management Search Tools and Batch Tools
4670 Allow Mass Mailer to specify To: address and CC / BCC addresses
4454 Implement control panel for backend
4378 Implement client side cropping
3193 Multiple group filtering in CB User manager
2765 IF substitutions support for ELSE
2748 Implement substitution support for setMenuMeta
2554 Separate field desc for list, profile, and registration
1850 extend substitutions with an API to support additional substitutions
1438 Lists: Simple filters should use field method to get list of possible filters (e.g. avatarapproved)


6335 File field using wrong parameter for terms and conditions
6331 elseif substitution usage using $this in anon function
6328 Date fields applying timezone offset
6324 Failed login loses $return
6321 Tags XML usage not allowing new values
6316 Using XML set on yesno fields throws JS alert
6314 Datetime redisplay incrementing by 1 hour
6310 Empty fields do not output their layout
6308 Field values check unable to handle other select types
6301 Large avatars breaking canvas
6295 Video field initial display broken for link only usage
6294 Search criteria duplicated
6293 Calendar only usage with time incorrectly sets time in hidden input
6288 Mass mailer multiple attachments not working
6287 User crop selection not always accurate
6282 Fields hidden on profile can not be searched
6277 Email form menu item missing public access check
6249 Login redirect to invalid URLs
6236 jQuery UI is not mobile compatible
6226 Headers output when they aren't supposed to
6223 Email display as icon and text without email link displays nothing
6220 yesno in repeat causes no value to be selected on new row
6217 Advanced email check missing or too long timeout
6210 Two factor authentication showing if there's no authentication plugins enabled
6204 fieldClass does not function for search
6201 Current Password input blocking backend user create
6170 jQuery: cbmoreless has call to undefined function
6152 Application::MyUser cache needs to reset after login
6151 Apple devices upload images without proper raw orientation
6129 addJQueryPlugin dependencies don't respect dependencies of dependencies
6118 missing template class around module avatar
6053 Empty userlist causes first row to 404
6051 Long field name causes field to fail to store
6025 In Users-list term is correctly "Enabled", but in User-edit, term and meaning is opposite: "Blocked"
5995 date field popup calendar z-index too low
5951 Userparams missing authenticator params
5874 jQuery Validate skips a radio/checkbox input if 1 option hidden
5794 CB version checker notifies nightly is out of date
5778 cbselect crashes JS on too many options
5698 Userlist search collapse being ignored due to searchmode
5495 Date dropdowns can not have a minimum date without a maximum date and vise verse
5426 Searching userlist or browsing through pages causes language to be lost
5418 Canvas !important usage causing too strong selectors
4787 Moderators visiting a profile page of a pending approval user see Error message instead of warning message
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