Community Builder 2.1 with 82 new features is here!


Community Builder can be freely downloaded by all registered members


We are proud to release Community Builder 2.1 with 82 new features and 44 bug fixes!

We have been pushing, and blogging about, these new features and bug fixes out to our 565920 strong and growing community in the form of nightly builds over the past months.

This way our new development is continuously tested by thousands of users and we can all be confident that CB 2.1 is a rock solid system ready for prime time.

With so many new features, this article could not possibly begin to give this release the coverage it deserves. You can read the full changelog in the discussion thread and we will blogging more about CB 2.1, but in the meantime we have compiled a Magnificent Seven list of some really great features in CB 2.1:

  1. New Canvas layout gives user profiles and lists a cleaner more stylish look that is easier to adjust with CSS overrides.
    Kyle has already given us a great preview on this new look and how to make it work for you.
  2. Image browser side resizing and cropping make all your image fields look the best they can and fit nicely in your site layouts.
    Another awesome preview on this feature also in Kyle's blog.
  3. Improved and friendlier URLs for better SEO rankings - no more ugly and cryptic link names.
    More about this new feature that needs Joomla 3.6 in Kyle's SEO Everything blog.
  4. Language Override user interface with built-in string finder makes localization a breeze.
    Learn more about Language Overrides and Language Key Finder
  5. Substitution ELSE and ELSEIF feature gives you even more power to personalize your field outputs.
    Here are some great use cases on this new functionality.
  6. CSS Override user interface makes styling changes easy and simple.
    Similar to language override concept that applies to templates.
  7. Select options field improvements lets you group options and make things cleaner for your users.
    Some great examples about this new functionality.

Of course Community Builder 2.1 if fully compatible with Joomla 3.6.5 and can be easily installed over any CB 2.0+ environment for a quick upgrade.

All Joomlapolis CB 2.0 compatible add-ons are also CB 2.1 compatible and you can see them in action on our updated demo site.

These are just 7 of the 82 new features that you can take advantage of on your existing or new community website.

See all 82 new features in our discussion thread and make your own Magnificient Seven list!


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