CB Paid Subscriptions (CBSubs) 4.1.1 Released!

6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #296852 by nant
CBSubs 4.1.1 Change Log

12 New features

#6737 Workaround for another Paypal.com-side bug
#6642 Worldpay md5 secret to password type
#6326 2Checkout: implement new-way subscriptions
#6174 Authorize.net: Trim vendor id and other ids for pasted spaces before and after the id
#6119 Mailer: Add possibility to trigger from Pending Baskets's latest update time
#6112 Gateway: Ogone: Add support for automated SEPA payment fields
#6111 Move Permissions to a "Permissions" button in CBSubs general Settings instead of a tab
#6096 CBSubs nightly versions should be displayed and visible in CB and Joomla lists of extensions and inside CBSubs
#6069 Refine permissions accesses in CBSubs
#5997 Implement parameter to specify date of if condition
#5984 Improve plans image API output
#3696 2checkout auto-recurring payments with fixed products cannot take into account CBSubs promotions and taxes: auto-create products at 2co (duplicate of 6326)
#3047 Generic invoices list page

27 Bug-fixes

#6745 Module does not save HTML
#6715 AcyMailing: API change
#6661 Ogone ECOM_BILLTO_COMPANY too long
#6567 Workaround Paypal bug when it url-encodes the item_name
#6559 Pricing substitutions using str_replace and not always parsed
#6538 getInstanceBasketOfUser auto expires baskets after 30 minutes regardless of configuration
#6525 Worldpay password fields are text type instead of password type
#6520 During login unpaid basket check always times out at 3 hours
#6506 The [INVOICE_CONTENT_HTML] substitution doesn't work right, it displays: "Facture n° <span class="cbregInvField">INV-..."
#6481 CB Auto-actions considers subscriptions of unpublished plan
#6480 Plan image field displays image for subscriptions of unpublished plan
#6472 Subscriptions of unpublished plans are visible in frontend (past and active ones)
#6437 Promotions: Admin area: Editing or saving a user in administrator area where a plan has a promotion depending on a user field is generating a warning, can also happen in mailer
#6402 Ogone: SHA-OUT signature error in some countries with some payment methods
#6300 Gateway Paypal in Test mode Sandbox stopped working in October 2016 (now needs HTTP 1.1)
#6209 Language overrides not loading for CBSubs language plugins
#6139 Missing ErrorDocument in folder access protection htaccess file
#6138 Piwik integration: At registration (or afterwards at saving address) when a free lifetime plan without subscription is also in basket, PHP Fatal error
#6137 Plan label images all showing for long plan names
#6121 CBSubs Promotions: Highlight text not working
#6109 If a subscription that has been upgraded is deleted, but then the upgrade is reverted a notice is thrown
#6105 Display message on top of registration form in green instead of red "If you already have an account, please login first."
#6071 Mailer: Timeout of 60 seconds when a lot of users are added to mail queue
#6070 Plot graphs legends stopped outputing
#6003 When a CBSubs menu Itemid (or corresponding SEF) is used, Free payment may reload the displayplans page
#5992 When a user has multiple subscriptions to a plan, they should always display in the order in which they have been subscribed
#5989 OR bot usage fails if one of the subscriptions is missing

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