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This is the changelog for CB 2.4.3 compared to CB 2.4.2:

20 New features implemented:

7780 Update Bootstrap to 4.4.0
7772 Improve userlist grid usage to allow for adding fields to the actual canvas placement
7761 Implement additional generic styling for easier quickstart compatibility
7751 Implement plugin installer update function
7706 Custom date/datetime formats not translating
7696 Implement color fieldtype
7691 Change email field to HTML5 email type
7690 Implement float fieldtype
7680 Improve tabs and repeat jQuery performance
7672 Improve build release update banner
7608 jQuery plugin updates
7599 implement CB Online Module exclude self parameter
7596 Implement User Management link per user to frontend profile
7591 implement ajax support for cbselect
7562 Implement logout redirect parameter for logout menu item
7363 Implement input masks for text fields or support for selecting the HTML5 type
7362 Extend pre-configured regexp validation dropdown
7278 Default admin plugin menus to enabled
7027 Implement Tag fieldtype
6978 Improve antispam and spoof checking usages

26 Bugs fixed:
7807 CB Login Module: style out of sync with Joomla module
7791 Button style for fields missing disabled state if set to read only
7787 Custom validation rules extending cbfield fail to pass custom data
7784 Request connection menu item misaligned
7782 PMS not published by default on clean installs
7771 Step by Step caching active tab
7752 Moderation registration email subject not passing through substitutions
7744 CB Menu displays unusable menu item if email is set to plain text
7741 setMenuMeta called too late
7740 File fieldtype: Filenames with only non-latin characters fail uploading with error "Please select a file before uploading"
7736 Tab params are not prepared on load
7729 Fix double spacing conflict for canvas layout counter fields
7727 cbselect ajax search usage doesn't reset to defaults when clearing search
7726 cbselect not outputting initial options with ajax usage
7695 Default language overrides not loading sometimes due to language filtering
7689 Global Messages unreadable by standard users
7679 Select options passing through translations twice
7671 First save of language overrides does not redisplay the new overrides
7669 tab, field, and plugin class endpoints applying limits to names
7628 CB Select ajax url cache not reseting search term and page on restore
7614 jQuery Validate elements check not reliabling working
7609 Users can PM themselves
7600 cbselect multiple wrong css height
7580 cbselect max height on wrong element
7569 Age searching not allowing for exact age
6680 Language overrides from default are loading for other languages

Details on our forge tracker here:

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