CB 1.0 RC2 Feature List

The following list attempts to enumerate all the existing features in the Community Builder component upto and including release candidate 2. The list is by no means complete as there are a lot of minor "functional" related capabilities that would need a detailed specifications document in order to correctly describe and present.

Thus, version 1.0 RC2 of the Community Builder component includes the following feature functionality:

  • Compatibility with Mambo 4.5.0.x, 4.5.1.x, 4.5.2.x and Joomla 1.0.x CMS Open Source Products. Joomla version 1.1 will be supported via subsequent release.
  • Introduction of the user profile and the ability to define additional fields associated with user profiles that are organized using tabs.
  • Twelve field types supported: checkbox, date, dropdown, email address, editor text area, text area, text, radio, web address, multi-select checkbox, multi-select dropdown and delimiter.
  • Field definitions also provide pop-up tooltip like help messages to assist front-end users during field completion activities.
  • Field are characterized as optional or required, publicly viewable or not, required during registration or not.
  • Extensive and flexible, fully configurable, registration process (four workflows supported) using a combination of email confirmation functionality,"Terms of Acceptance" verification, moderator notification email messages, personalized applicant pending approval and welcome email messages. Ability to integrate CB defined field data in workflow email messages. Registration introductory html/text and conclusion html/text data may also be specified.
  • First login redirect capability.
  • Ability to deliegate specific registration approval and maintenance (image upload approval, banning of offensive profile from public display) activities to moderators via front-end access module.
  • Ability to select one of four registration workflows with customizable email messages. 
  • Profile presentation layer organized via tab plugins (each plugin has its own tabs and parameters). Six predefined tabs are included. Additional tabs may be easily installed by site administrators and constructed by third party developers. Tab plugins may also specify the tab positioning and type of display, including multiple tab-panes, pop-up tooltips and fixed windows within the window).
  • Specification of group level allowed to view other profiles.
  • Selectable Profile image via avatar gallery or via upload support.
  • Image moderation supported.
  • Image resizing via autodetected server tool (support for GD1, GD2, Imagemagick, NetPBM server installed applications included).
  • User List creation that includes CB defined fields. Up to four columns may be specified for each list. Each column may contain one mor more field values. List sorting may be specified. List filtering may also be specified. Specific list group access rights may be specified.
  • Plugin Framework API enabling the extension and integration of the Community Builder component with other components via the deployment of plugin packages. Plugin packages can be of 3 types: template plugins, language plugins and user plugins. All packages are managed via backend plugin management operations, thus enabling the installation of add-ons to the original CB installation. Detailed API document is available.
  • Initial user plugins pre-installed in the RC2 distribution package include: Simpleboard/JoomlaBoard tab integration, Author tab integration, Mamboblog tab integration, Yanc tab newsletter integration, Connections tab and PMS (OS & Pro as well as UddeIM) integration.
  • Connections feature supporting buddy/friends list type functionality between members of a CB powered website. Public and private connections, connection workflow activities, connection path between users, connection comments posted by users, connection categories.
  • Language support also handled via plugin API framework, thus enabling installation and administration of CB language filed via plugin management backend. Language plugins also contain javascript calendar localization for date type fields.
  • All CB fields are Language friendly (may contain _UE_-type strings).

The cbloginRC2 module supports the following features:

  • Module class suffix
  • Normal vertical or tiny horizontal orientation
  • Login and logout redirections
  • Hide or show login, logout, remember me, greeting messages
  • Name or username display
  • Avatar display options
  • PMS integration and notifications
  • Pending connection notifications

The CB Workflows (comprofilermoderator) module supports the following features:

  • Module class suffix
  • Front-end linking of user specific workflow pending activities
  • Connections
  • Users
  • Images
  • User Reports
  • Unban Requests

The CB Online (comprofileronline) module supports the following features:

  • Module class suffix
  • List of online usernames with link back to CB profile

More information and details are outlined in the Community Builder 1.0 RC2 Detailed Guide offered to donators and contributors.



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