Joomlapolis Changes and #3000

As of today Joomlapolis is demonstrating the UDDEIM PMS system written by our fellow Joomlapoltian Benjamin. The previously used enhanced PMS was written by another Joomlapolitan Loewe81. Both are excellent components. I just feel its time we got a chance to see something different. I would like to thank Benjamin for his help during the upgrade process and hopefully our community can suggest many new features now that we can installed it on this site.

Another Joomlapolitan, Jacob, the builder of the Joomlapolis template is currently updating some of the colors and the contrast of this site. A lot of people have commented (complained) about difficulties viewing this site. Please respond to the forum thread at the end of this article to express yourself on this matter so we can help Jacob react.

Oh, we have recently signed-up our #3000 citizen. Currently tracking him down to conduct our traditional interview.




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