CB 1.0 Stable Release Plan

The highly anticipated stable release of the Community Builder version 1.0 has been set. After a long period of testing the CB Core team is once again confident that the quality of its development processes in conjunction with the rigorous testing activities put forth by the entire test team will surely shine with this release.

This is the first release after the RC2 version that introduced amongst other features the plugin framework. The entire team is confident that this stability release will strengthen community builder sites throughout the globe. RC2 as a release candidate version has been considered by many experts as a very stable release. However our community has identified over 60 (!) bugs (see our project area here) that have been fixed in this stable release. The stable release continues to support all existing Mambo and Joomla releases and is also one of the few components that has been tested with the upcoming 1.5 Joomla release.  Even though this release does not introduce any significant new features, it paves the way for many third party plugins. The core team is also releasing two of its members plugins: profilebook by JoomlaJoe and Nant's Gallery by Nick A. These plugins should provide third party developers with concrete illustrations of the CB Plugin Framework API and its usage. Hopefully, these will inspire other developers to produce high quality plugins for the rest of the community.

The entire team has put many man hours in this release. We all feel that our supporters and our world-wide community of community builders will appreciate this free release and will once again support us to continue such efforts.

Get your installation engines warmed up!


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