CB Paid Subscriptions Plugin in operation on Joomlapolis

Those who have been following Beat's blog on this site are aware about the subscriptions plugin he has been working on during the past months. A preliminary development version of this plugin is now operational on this site.
Joomlapolitans will notice an extra tab in their profile entitled 'Subscription'. The plugin has been configured to support a series of workflows related with two subscriptions:

  • the Free Joomlapolis Membership subscription, which is the regular free lifetime subscriptions option to this site. By default all registered and approved members are automatically added to this subscription type, as before.

  • the Community Builder Documentation subscription, which is a yearly subscription that is meant to support the CB Team (expenses, tools, libraries, etc). The subscription costs 25 euros per year and the entire paypal workflow is handled automatically by the new subscriptions plugin. The plugin, when payment is confirmed by PayPal, will automatically modify the CB read-only "Member Status" field for the subscribed user and will also add the user to a specific docman group that is authorized for access and downloading of the detailed CB reference guide from "Downloads". So the entire process - end to end - is handled entirely automatically by the plugin. So for credit-card and paypal payment it gives now instant access to the documentation.

Before this plugin the CB team had to manually handle the entire process. This plugin has already quite more features in it and I know Beat has alot of other features to add to this plugin but its looking very good!

You can read more about our documentation subscription and documentation here in it's description.

All processes (registration, upgrade and renew existing 2006 subscriptions) have been already successfully used since we installed it, so you are welcome to try it out, and in the same time help us in our work on Community Builder, while discovering the wealth of features in the latest CB versions in the documentation. Thank you very much for your support.

You can read more about the plugin'd current features and development progress in Beat's latest blog




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