Community Builder 1.1 in Testing …

Calling all testers!

 CB 1.1 has, in addition to bug fixes, a number of nice new features.

These features include:  

  • Front-end user editing by CB moderators can be enabled. This includes uploading, changing or deleting user avatars.
  • ACL for tabs.  You can now specify when defining a tab (CB Tab Management) if this tab should be viewed in the front-end. So, you can now easily define a tab that is only viewable by registered members (in case of public viewable profiles) or viewable by authors (and above), etc.  
  • New date selection method for date fields. Now you can just select day of month, month, year in addition to calendar popup.
  • Fields can now be displayed in 2 columns (like before – field title: field value) or 2 rows (field title: [next line] field value)
  • Ability to use replacement tags (almost) everywhere. So you can place the value of a field within the description of another tab or field and even at other places for more personal profiles.
  • Connections now have a new summary display mode “display X connections” and a “more …” link
  • New profile status line with number of connections
  • New moderation features: site moderators can now view report history of a user, view banning history, and requests history
  • Possibility to stop emails on workflows (by just emptying out the subject and body contents)
  • Accessibility improvements (with the assistance of a blind CB user)
  • New backend settings allows html tags in editor fields
  • Performance improvements
  • Security improvements (low level)
  • CB API improvements
  • Full mambo 4.6.2 support 


The above list is by no means complete (more details available for testers), but these are the most noticeable additions. 


So, once again, if you are an experienced CB Mambo or Joomla user and would like to see these (and more) features released, please join the testing effort. So please send Trail a private message for instructions. Let’s get this puppy tested and released asap! It’s a community effort – lets all chip in!



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