New look and feel - alot more to come!

Yes, after almost two years Joomlapolis was about due for a facelift. The CB Team has been working with Jacob (who also created the previous Joomlapolis site template) to create this new crispy looking template for our site. This is just the first of many planned steps the CB Team has been preparing over the past months. We will be preparing a dedicated article about the new template and the nice work Jacob has put into it. We will also be announcing the renewed sponsorship of our Web hoster Kreativmedia (here) for one more year - we just recently hit the 400 days uptime mark on our dedicated server!

We have been working on CB 1.1 (released 2 weeks ago) and since then both Beat and myself have answered a couple of hundred forums posts (each of us) related with community issues around CB 1.1 and its coexistence with Joomla or Mambo CMS installations.

The CB Team is very excited that this website has surpassed 10 million visitors with over 70.000 registered members and CB 1.1 has already been downloaded over 10.000 times. Also, the team is very happy with the nice stats that Alexa has been reporting (here). The documentation subscriptions (here) have been on a positive tone (the detailed documentation is now over 140 pages long with an extra bonus document about PMS integration) and community participation in our testing process has been good. Helping out on the forums is something that realy enables the CB team to focus on further development of CB features and neat CB plugins.

One of the new concepts we have been working on, now that the new website look is finally public, is creating our very own extensions area to host the many CB plugins contributed by the community members.

We are also working on the subscriptions plugin (now that CB 1.1 is out - CB 1.1 and the API changes was a prerequisite for further subscriptions plugin development), a new Captcha plugin (with sound) and of course fixing up all identified issues with CB 1.1. The team is also working on CB 2.0 concepts!


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