On the way to Community Builder 1.2 Stable

It's time again for a short update and progress report regarding Community Builder 1.2 Stable process !

We have now fixed all of the reported and identified issues of CB 1.2 RC 2, as well as about as much small issues that we found during tests. We have been testing the results in a first circle of alpha testers, and have just submitted to CB Testteam an internal beta 1 version of last CB 1.2 Release Candidate (internally named 1.2 RC 3 beta 1).

Following that beta, and depending on test-results, we will be issuing a last CB 1.2 RC 3 to doc subscribers here for a last and short tests-round. Our current goal is to have RC 3 ready in stable-quality by begin of October (but once again no promises - to many factors), and CB 1.2 Stable released free 1-2 weeks after.

CB 1.2 RC3 will have a few new features and improvements which will greatly improve the flexibility for user profiles, users-lists, and custom fields input validation. Also a new integer field-type has been added, with corresponding sorting and range-searching facilities. There is another exciting new feature in RC 3 that we will present when RC 3 is available.

At the same time, we have been actively adapting and developing CB team plugins and new modules, to run universally native, and have a few more in development.

There are many new things in the pipeline and very exciting developments in the works. Once again, we would like to thank all those who are supporting these efforts (doc subscribers, third party plugin developers, forum helpers, language translators, etc.) and everyone else patiently waiting for the stable release.


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