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As we have mentioned in our New Year resolutions, a number of great and exciting projects have been planned and are already in progress.

As always, we would like to get our Joomlapolitans involved. Our community is important to us - after all we are the home of the Community Builder. This is the time to express your opinion and concerns. This is the time to offer your assistance and make your proposals. We cannot guarantee that all proposals will be implemented, but we will listen.

One of the items on our list calls for a website redesign. We are aware that our site needs some major work. We will upgrade to Joomla 1.5 and we will reorganize all our services and offerings to make things easier for everyone. We would love to hear your opinion on this matter and also your proposals for what you would like to see in the new environment. What would really make your experience on our website better? What extra services would you like to see? Now is the time for action.

We are also in the process of reorganizing our WorkGroup teams. So if you are an experienced or not so experienced CB user or GroupJive user or a language plugin translator, then this is the time to act. If you have time to help out, this is your calling. We are continuously reorganizing our workgroup membership to make sure we always have an active group. Send nant a private message and he will give you instructions on how to join the respective WorkGroup.

This is the time for action - express your opinion, voice your concern, offer your assistance:


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