Viper Team does Joomlapolis

Our new website has recently been released and is currently being enjoyed by over 360K members worldwide. The new design was prepared in collaboration with the Viper Web Solutions team. The task was very challenging as the CB Team standards are pretty high. We would like to thank Dallas Moore – CEO of Viper and his entire team, and share with the community a short interview with Dallas.

Question: Well, Dallas how does it feel to have this website finally live?

Dallas: This project has been in development for some time now and it feels great to finally see it all come together. I would like to give credit to our devoted team who has put in a great deal of time and effort into this project: Vishal Grover, Pankaj Verma, Mohd Shaban, Dylan Moore, Earl Moore, David Weis, Kathy Trahey, Bryan Keller, Jay Moreno, and Yvannia Garcia. On behalf of the team, I will say that we are all very glad to see this website go live and hope that it provides a better user experience for the community as well as bring even greater success to Joomlapolis.

Question: What challenges were you confronted with on this project?

Dallas: This project was not an easy task. We faced many challenges that drove us to long hours and heavy workloads. From design planning to copywriting to development, we wanted to keep the website clean, simple, organized, and as user friendly as possible while still implementing some cool graphics and exciting effects. With a high traffic site such as Joomlapolis, site speed and performance is a very large factor to keep in mind at all times, and it requires taking extra steps to ensure that it remains a well optimized site. We were lucky to have the CB Team step in and help out when we ran into issues or delays.  Overall, I feel we accomplished the goals we intended and worked pretty well together as a team.

Question: What can you say about the CB Team and its standards?

Dallas: The CB Team runs a very tight ship and it shows in their work and their professionalism.  They are very thorough in all of their projects to ensure that they offer the highest quality and best user experience to the community. Unlike any other clients we have worked with, the CB Team put in countless hours of their own time to ensure that every detail was addressed. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with a group that has such high expectations.

Question: Has this experience improved your team’s Community Building / CBSubs skills?

Dallas: I would say that our whole team has learned a lot throughout the course of this project. Even though we have used Community Builder years before this project, we had never before seen its full capabilities and potential. CB and CBSubs are both very powerful and extendable applications and when used together, they can provide a full featured, flexible, social driven membership site that you just can’t find in any other solution on the market today.

Question: Anything you would like to share with the Joomlapolis community?

Dallas: I hope that everyone enjoys the new site. Feel free to stop by our site and provide your feedback. To find out more about Viper Web Solutions’ web design or SEO services, visit

Once again, thank you Dallas and your Viper Web Solutions team for all the labor and love you have put into making our new home a reality.


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