CB Query 6.0 and CB Code 2.0 released with autocomplete feature

CB Query Field 6.0 and CB Code Field 2.0 released!


New releases are available for CB Query Field and CB Code Field add-ons with performance improvements and new exciting ajax powered autocomplete functionality.

This new feature lets you provide a custom query or code that dynamically interfaces with user keystrokes to suggest completion values for any CB text field. Just imagine a user typing New in your state field and dynamically being proposed autocompletion values like New Jersey, New Mexico and New York!

Important note if you were using the Update On functionality in a previous CB Code Field or CB Query Field version: Update On function is replaced in CB Code Field 2.0.0 and CB Query Field to 6.0.0 by a much stronger implementation in CB Core Fields Ajax. On upgrade of an existing CB Code Field to 2.0.0 or CB Query Field to 6.0.0, existing Update On usages will be safely migrated to CB Core Fields Ajax settings (even if it's not installed so you'll be ready to go). Simply make sure you have CB Core Fields Ajax installed if you were previously relying on the Update On usage.

You can see both add-ons in action on our demo site and learn more about these new releases in Kyle's blog.



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