Community Builder 2.4.2 Security, Maintenance and Features Release!

Community Builder can be freely downloaded by all registered members


We just released Community Builder 2.4.2 with 6 new features and 5 bug fixes and a minor (low level) security fix in admin area.

The three most noteworthy features are:

  1. Ability to import and export fields, tabs and userlist definitions
  2. Improved substitutions in terms and condition fields
  3. Random user mode added to CB Online module

Community Builder 2.4.2 is a recommended upgrade for all CB sites.

Our demo website has already been updated to Community Builder 2.4.2, so you can see it in action along will all our Joomlapolis add-ons.

As always, you should first test on a cloned environment before upgrading your production site.

We would like to give a special thanks to Mario Korth, working for Hackmanit GmbH, for his responsible report of the low-level security bug in the admin area, affecting CB 2.0 through 2.4.1. This is the first - be it low level - security bug identified in Community Builder in over 11 months and only second in over 11 years.

A detailed changelog is available in the discussion thread.


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beat replied the topic: #312321 3 years 4 months ago
Sorry, here is the changelog:

New Features
7553 Implement fields, tabs, and userlists import/export
7549 Update Bootstrap to 4.3.1
7522 Backport jQuery security fix 4333 to prevent Object.prototype pollution
7487 Implement CB Online mode for random user
6454 New cacert.pem got released by Mozilla on 2017-01-18, update it
6426 Implement terms and conditions text substitutions

7531 Duplicate users in userlist
7527 XML filters with deep joins are not properly joining
7493 Userlist query slow with large userbase
7491 Image approval query too slow
7490 Time field without calendar causes value to not store
eddie_konczal's Avatar
eddie_konczal replied the topic: #312316 3 years 4 months ago
Where is the changelog?

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