Community Builder gets 2 new field types!

Community Builder latest build is here - with 2 new field types!


Kyle has just blogged about these 2 new field types and the latest Community Builder build has these new features free for downloading!

Decimal Number Field

This new field type has the following parameters:

  • Thousands separator (supports language string for proper localization)
  • Decimal separator (supports language string for proper localization)
  • Step value

With these you will be able to render decimal field values like 1,000.05.

Color Field

Kyle refers to this in his blog as a 'just for fun' field and challenges our community to come up with creative ways to make use of this.
It is basically just a color selector but it can be used as a means to let your users select a color theme for various profile elements.
Share your use cases on the forums!

HTML5 Improvements

HTML5 improvements have also been included in this build for other field types (Integer, Email, etc.).

You can see everything in action on our demo site.




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