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Screenshot of CB Activity 6.0 post with images

🎉 Your Seamless Social Networking is Ready For Installation! 🥳


Exciting updates await Community Builder enthusiasts! With CB Quickstart 1.1.0 and CB Activity 6.0.1 for a smooth user experience.

CB Quickstart 1.1.0 Unveiled: Seamless Integration with CB Activity 6.0!

Exciting news for Community Builder enthusiasts! CB Quickstart 1.1.0 is here, integrating seamlessly with CB Activity 6.0 and featuring new default settings aligned with the latest CB Activity release. Whether you're starting a new social networking site or enhancing your existing CB site, CB Quickstart is the answer.

This package effortlessly installs and configures Community Builder, along with a suite of CB Add-Ons, providing a solid foundation for basic social networking on your site. It can also be installed over an existing CB site, adjusting CB and Add-Ons settings for a smooth transition (in this case, we recommend exercising on a site clone first).

Finally, if you're already running CB QuickStart 1.0.x, no need to reinstall Quickstart 1.1.0, simply update CB and individual CB Add-Ons for the latest enhancements.

Upgrade your CB community building experience with CB Quickstart 1.1.0 for seamless integration with CB Activity 6.0!

CB Activity 6.0.1: Fine-Tuning the Community Building Experience

Say hello to CB Activity 6.0.1, a maintenance release dedicated to ironing out all known minor issues from CB Activity 6.0.0.

Community Builder's CB Activity add-on introduces a dynamic and interactive layer to your website, fostering user engagement and social interaction.

With CB Activity 6.0, we've rewritten the entire plugin, delivering a host of exciting features. From a stunning UI redesign to enhanced post creation, revamped location features, and much more, CB Activity 6.0 revolutionizes community building.

Dive into the future of online interaction with CB Activity 6.0.1 and experience a social networking powerhouse.

Unlock the Power of Community Building with CB Quickstart 1.1.0 and CB Activity 6.0.1!

These releases are available exclusively to our Professional and Developer Members. Subscribe or renew now to unlock the full potential of Community Builder and take your community to new heights!