CB Activity 6.0 Stable released: Elevate Your Community Experience!

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🎉 Your Ultimate Social Experience is Ready For Installation! 🥳


Excitement is in the air as we proudly introduce CB Activity 6.0—a game-changing release that redefines the art of community building! 🚀 Get ready for a revolutionary experience that goes beyond the ordinary and propels your community interactions to new heights.

What's in Store for You: Over 30 Mind-Blowing Features!

Kyle has been working on this release for over a year! The list of new features and major improvements is so long, that this is only a short-list of the best of them:

🎨 Stunning UI Redesign: Say hello to a fresh and modern look! Our complete UI overhaul brings CB Activity in line with the best in social media design, ensuring an intuitive and visually appealing interface.

💬 Enhanced Post Creation: Crafting posts has never been this dynamic! Live previews, quick mentions, and hashtags make your posts come alive, creating a more engaging and interactive state-of-the-art user experience.

🌍 Revamped Location Feature: The new location feature supports built-in maps, automatic location selection, and nearby place searching. Share locations seamlessly, fostering more meaningful community connections. Moreover, google maps and open street maps are natively supported!

🚀 Updated Actions for Accessibility: Actions take center stage with a fresh look! Transformed into a popover format, accessibility-first keyboard navigation and focus handling make interactions smoother and user-friendly.

😍 Reimagined Reactions Popover: Express yourself with flair! A complete rewrite of the reactions popover offers better searching, a favorites system, and accessibility-first navigation support for both Tenor and Giphy.

🤩 New Sticker System: Embrace versatility! Stickers, the new emote system, support images, videos, and custom HTML. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to creative freedom!

🌈 Enhanced Themes for Customization: Themes receive an upgrade with an accessible UI, cleaner previews, and selection options. Customize your community's appearance effortlessly, ensuring a unique and polished look.

📏 Message Limit Indicator: Stay on point effortlessly! The new message limit indicator provides a visual cue as the limit approaches, making post limits easy to manage and enhancing the overall user experience.

📱 Mobile-Friendly Design: We've got your touch controls covered! All buttons and toggles are resized for mobile, optimizing user engagement on the go.

🎉 Redesigned Activity Display: Enjoy a more organized and visually appealing activity feed! Gallery media collapses into cleaner modal grids, offering an improved comment display.

🔍 Expanded Activity Stream Filters: Find and follow with ease! The activity stream filters system now includes search capabilities, allowing for a more personalized and user-centric experience.

🖼️ Robust Post Share Feature: Spread the love! The new post share feature lets users share posts across other sites and repost to their profiles, fostering collaboration and expanding content reach.

📤 Embedding Support: Go beyond boundaries! CB Activity now supports external embedding, allowing users to embed posts on other sites effortlessly.

🔄 Redesigned Dropdown Menus: Enhance interaction with cleaner and more accessible dropdown menus! Increased in size for mobile and aligned with clean icons, these menus ensure an optimal user experience.

🔖 Bookmarking System: Save your favorites! Users can now bookmark posts, creating a built-in saving system for easy access to preferred content.

🛡️ Enhanced Report Functionality: Moderation made easy! The report functionality receives an upgrade with auto-moderation, ensuring a safer community environment with automatic actions based on predefined thresholds.

🔄 Stream Management Interface: Simplify administration tasks! All stream features are now easily managed from a single clean interface, providing a centralized hub for efficient stream management.

🔍 Unified Management of Hidden Items: Manage hidden content with ease! Hidden activity and comments are now streamlined on a single page, improving user control and moderation efficiency.

🔔 Push-Based Notifications: Stay in the loop! Notifications are now Push based, providing a more responsive and reliable notification system.

📐 Standardized Notification Design: Aesthetic consistency is key! The design of notifications is standardized to fit within a single-row layout, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing notification display.

🌐 Context Parsing Functionality: Navigate effortlessly! New robust context parsing functionality enhances notification links, providing contextually relevant links and improving overall user navigation.

👍 New Views: Liked and Followed: Manage your interactions with ease! Liked and Followed views offer a quick overview, allowing users to easily manage their preferences and interactions.

👍 There are Even More Features: Check out Kyle's blog on CB Activity 6.0 for screenshots and even more new features and details!

Why Dive into CB Activity 6.0?

  1. Revolutionary Upgrade Process: Seamlessly transition from CB Activity 5.0 to 6.0 with our smooth upgrade process, migrating all your current 5.0 data to the new blazing fast 6.0 data storage in a fail-safe way: If your server times out, just re-upgrade again to continue the upgrade migration.

  2. Managed Streams: Enjoy enhanced functionality with streams now stored in the database. Explore new possibilities for community interactions with improved accessibility and speed.

  3. Built-in Notifications: Say hello to 37 built-in notifications! Keep your community engaged with interactive notifications and replace CB GroupJive Email/PM notifications with CB Activity notifications.

Your Community Journey Starts Now!

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with CB Activity 6.0. We have thoroughly tested this upgrade-migration process, but as usual, make sure to backup your site before upgrading in all cases.

For complex or customized sites with inline Streams via CB Activity Bot substitutions or Custom activity logging via CB Auto Actions, please read details on these specific cases in Kyle's CB Activity 6.0 RC1 blog.

Check out Kyle's blog on CB Activity 6.0 for more information on upgrade, screenshots and many nice details.

Download CB Activity 6.0 Now and Redefine Community Building Together!

Or take a look at it on our Demo Site running CB Activity 6.0 stable now!

Let's shape the future of community building together and a big applause to Kyle for this amazing CB Add-On!


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