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🎉 Your Ultimate Social Experience is Getting Better and Better! 🥳


We're thrilled to present CB Activity 6.0 RC1, a pivotal release that introduces a groundbreaking feature: the smooth migration of existing CB Activity 5.0 installations to 6.0 RC1 during the upgrade process. This allows you to seamlessly transition your established community to the next level, preserving your data and configurations.

Key Highlights of CB Activity 6.0 RC1 (among over 30 new features):

  1. Migration Magic:
    • RC1 introduces a revolutionary upgrade process, enabling existing CB Activity 5.0 installations to smoothly transition to 6.0 RC1, in a fail-safe way. Now you can test drive the latest features on a site clone, offering valuable feedback on bugs in our forum and general experiences in the comments below.
  2. Managed Streams:
    • Experience the transformation of streams, now stored in the database for enhanced functionality. Enjoy seamless access and explore new possibilities for community interactions.
  3. Built-in Notifications:
    • Say hello to 37 built-in notifications, enriching your community engagement. Stay informed and keep your members engaged with interactive notifications.

Please read Kyle's CB Activity 6.0 RC1 blog post for details regarding this migration, and adjustments that might be needed in very particular configurations.

Your Feedback Matters:

We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey! Test RC1 on a site clone and share your findings on our forum for bug reports and in the comments below for general feedback, especially regarding smooth upgrades from CB Activity 5.0.

Please note that CB Activity 6.0 RC1 should not yet be used on live sites with CB Activity 5.0 already running, as the migration process needs community testing (yes, that's CB Activity 5.0 users, on site clones).

Download CB Activity 6.0 RC1 here: Select the "6.0.0-rc.1+2023-12-18" version from the drop-down versions selector since it's not a stable or nightly release.

Together, let's shape the future of community building..

Stay tuned for the official CB Activity 6.0 release in early January, where over 30 major features will redefine your community engagement.

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