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Screenshot of Package Builder 7.0.0 downloads with a file with multiple versions, a file for logged in users with access level, and one for paid subscribers

πŸŽ‰ Your Ultimate Downloading Experience is Ready For Installation! πŸ₯³


We're excited to introduce the latest milestone in digital file management: CB Package Builder 7.0.0! CB Package Builder is the most powerful and flexible digital product presentation tool and file download solution for Joomla, allowing you to transform your digital files into packages that can be presented to everyone but only be downloaded by authorized users. With support for Joomla ACL and built-in conditions based on user CB field values, CB Package Builder empowers you to control access to your digital content effortlessly.

Now, with the release of version 7.0.0, CB Package Builder is better than ever, packed with exciting new features, enhancements, and optimizations!

Here's what you need to know: 10 New Milestone-setting Features!

πŸŽ‰ New Page Management: Managing product pages is now easier than ever with the introduction of Pages. Configure custom display features, add banners, backgrounds, and feature blocks to create engaging product pages for your downloads.

😍 Table Template: Prefer a clean table view of your packages? CB Package Builder now offers a table template for a streamlined browsing experience.

🎨 Enhanced Display Options: Take full control of the footer display for every package and preset. Toggle off specific display elements without modifying template files, and customize package pages with new features like banners, backgrounds, and feature blocks.

πŸ“¦ Powerful File Management: Forget about parsing files exclusively from the filesystem! With CB Package Builder 7.0.0, files indexes are now stored in the database, resulting in exceptional performance improvements. Enjoy a new file management page on both frontend and administration sides, where you can easily upload, delete, and manage files for your packages.

πŸ” Efficient Version Retrieval: Versions are now stored in the database, leading to a 2-3x performance increase in all frontend package views. Plus, with stored versions, retroactive downloading is now optionally possible, allowing users to access releases even after their subscription expires.

πŸ“± Mobile-Friendly Design: We've got your mobile users covered, user engagement on the go!

πŸ”’ Internal Improvements: We've made numerous internal improvements to the code base to ensure a more secure and fast experience for all users.

πŸ‘ There are Even More Features: Check out Kyle's blog post on CB Package Builder 7.0.0 for screenshots and even more new features and details!

Why is CB Package Manager 7.0.0 so useful for your site?

  1. Create Stunning Product or Files Presentations:Β  Customize package pages with banners, backgrounds, and feature blocks thanks toΒ Flexible Display Options. Enhance user engagement, and drive conversions with visually appealing displays that inspire user interaction and conversion actions.
  2. Enjoy a Smooth User Experience: With its efficient file management: CB Package Manager 7.0.0 ensures faster performance and simplifies maintenance tasks by storing file indexes in the database, allowing you to scale seamlessly.
  3. Control Precisely Access and Versions: With versions stored in the database, CB Package Manager 7.0.0 provides quick access to content, extends content access control, and enables effortless management of changes, ensuring higher user satisfaction and efficient content management.

Your Digital products presentation and downloads Journey Starts Now!

Download CB Package Builder 7.0.0 Now and Redefine your user experience with your downloadables!

Or take a look at it on our Demo Site running CB Package Builder 7.0.0 now!

Even our own Downloads section uses CB Package Builder!

Let's shape the future of downloading together and a big applause to Kyle for this amazing CB Add-On!


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