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Community Builder 2.9.2, tested on Joomla 5.1, 4.4 and 3.10
Community Builder 2.9.2 Released!

We are excited to announce the release of Community Builder 2.9.2, featuring several new enhancements and important bug fixes designed to improve user experience and functionality.

The major new feature is Bootstrap 5 & FontAwesome 6 compatibility, important for new Joomla 5 sites. And here are the full list of other key features and most important bug fixes included in this release:

6 New Key Features:

  1. Forum Topics Display: The Posts tab now outputs topics instead of individual replies (#9424).
  2. Enhanced Database Checker: Improved accuracy and stricter collation checks (#9416).
  3. Faster User Count: New option for quicker user count in the CB Online module (#9434).
  4. Template Loading Toggle: Added parameter to disable template loading in core modules (#9426).
  5. Bootstrap 5 & FontAwesome 6 Compatibility: New compatibility modes implemented (#9392).
  6. Category Column Toggle: Toggle display for categories in CB Blogs and CB Articles (#9296).

17 Important Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed image cropping dependency issue with jQuery UI (#9379).
  • Addressed collation issues during table creation (#9337).
  • Resolved display issues with CB Select when using default options (#9404).
  • Fixed jQuery Validate "accept" method conflict (#9375).
  • Ensured permission fields save correctly on Joomla 4 and 5 (#9354).
  • Corrected tooltip loading for template elements (#9448).
  • and 11 more minor bug fixes.

For a complete list of improvements and fixes, please refer to the full changelog.

To learn more about Bootstrap 5 and FontAwesome 6, read Kyle's blog on Bootstrap 5 and FontAwesome 6, explaining how to activate them, published during their early release in our nightly builds available to supportive paid members (thank you!).

CB 2.9.2 is a highly recommended upgrade, thoroughly tested to run perfectly on the latest Joomla 3.10, 4.4, and 5.1 releases.

Upgrade now to Community Builder 2.9.2 and take advantage of these enhancements!

And please make sure to keep your membership active to also get latest CB Add-Ons releases, such as the awesome new CB AntiSpam 6.0.0 and new CB Packager 7.0.0!