CB Ajax Points Field 1.0 Released!

ajaxpointsA new Incubator add-on CB Ajax Points field has just been released!

This cool CB plugin extends the integer fieldtype with Plus/Minus buttons on profile view for Ajax incrementing.

Just install it as a CB plugin and enable it to get a new Ajax Points field type in your CB Fields manager. Create as many field as you want and you can even configure the fields to support Joomla 2.5 ACL access views.

Profile editing allows you to directly input integer number (instead of incrementing or decrementing a click at a time).

It is very customizable with numerous button layouts and several different button images. It also supports minimum and maximum values in profile edit and ajax. Common use cases for this add-on are Karma fields, Points fields and Thank You fields.

Professional and Developer members can download from the Incubator forge area.

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