CB Query 3.0 released with 4 new field types

newqueryfieldsThe CB Query field plugin is a very powerful add-on that allows you to get data from an internal or external database query and display results as a CB field.

You can even display multiple query results formated as a list or a table of values.

Well, CB Query 3.0 now supports 4 additional field types:

  • Query Check Box (Multiple)
  • Query Drop Down (Multi-select)
  • Query Drop Down (Single Select)
  • Query Radio Buttons

These new field types work just like the core CB field types but they dynamically grab their optional data from a database query!

Some quick winner possibilities to inspire you follow:

  • Drop down US states field
  • Drop down World country field
  • World currencies multi-select field

We have also written a new Configuring a Country field with CB Query field plugin tutorial so demonstrate the power of the new CB Query field plugin.

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