CB Auto Actions 4.0 released!

autoactions23The new CB Auto Actions 4.0 plugin lets you implement powerful workflow and process automations with virtually no coding!

You can create unlimited automated actions and set them to get executed based on any one of over 400 event triggers from Community Builder, GroupJive, CBSubs, CB Activity, CB Privacy and CB Antispam.

Version 4 now has unlimited usage for appropriate actions (e.g., you can create a single Field action that modifies multiple fields), optional translation of conditional substitutions and new trigger drop-down selection with searching. Also, three new action types have been added (Menu, Antispam and Privacy). This means there are now 23 action types supported:

Activity, Acymailing, Antispam, CBSubs GPL 3.x, Code, Connection, Email, Field, Flyspray, GroupJive, K2, Kunena 1.7, Kunena 2.0, Login/Logout, Menu, Private Messages, Privacy, Redirect, Registration, Request, Usergroup Virtuemart 2.x

Here is a more detailed list of action types with basic usage concept: 

  1. Activity action types let push new activity items to your activity stream (see tutorial example)
  2. Antispam actions can be used to block or whitelist users, IPs, email address or entire domains
  3. Field actions can be used to set, add, subtract, mulitply, divide, etc. CB Field values for users
  4. CB Paid Subscriptions actions can be used to subscribe, renew, unsubscribe or delete users from CBSubs GPL 3.x subscription plans (see tutorial example)
  5. GroupJive actions can be specified so users join or leave groups and can also be used to create new GroupJive groups or categories
  6. Connection actions let you create CB Connections between users
  7. CB Privacy action types let you add privacy rules to users (for profiles, fields, etc.)
  8. Menu actions lets you add new items to CB user profile menus
  9. Email actions can be configured to send (HTML or text) email messages with CC/BCC lists and file attachments. Emails can be configured to be sent from different accounts and servers.
  10. Private Message actions let you send private messages to/from users
  11. Usergroup actions let you add/remove users to/from specific Joomla ACL groups and you can also create new groups (see tutorial example)
  12. Registration actions can be configured to automatically create new user accounts
  13. Login/Logout actions can be configured to automatically login or logout a user
  14. Redirect actions let you redirect users to specific URLs
  15. Request actions execute specific URL targets (supports GET, POST, XML and JSON methods
  16. Query actions can be created to execute (internal or external) database SQL statements (see tutorial example)
  17. Code actions let you execute HTML, PHP (eval or create function), Javascript (inline or URL), jQuery, CSS (inline or URL), or load code to header, page title or pathway.
  18. Kunena 1.7 actions
  19. Kunena 2.0 actions (Kunena 3.0 also supported) can be used to create new forum categories
  20. Acymailing actions can be used to add, remove, subscribe. unsubscribe users to/from Acymailing newsletter lists
  21. K2 actions can be used to synchronize/delete users to K2 user groups
  22. Virtuemart actions let you add/remove users to specific Virtuemart 2.x shopping groups
  23. Flyspray actions let you integrate (user sync, add users to projects, etc.) your Joomla website with the popular open-source project management flyspray script

As you can see the list is huge and the potential is enormous. There are currently 4 use case tutorials (see linkes in list above) in our tutorials use cases section and many more examples on our forums. We are also preparing a related presentation for this years J and Beyond conference that we are Video sponsoring, so we will have many more examples to share.

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