is CB a car without wheels?

14 years 7 months ago #6212 by nant
achintya wrote:

well, yes, I am ranting... it would make a huge difference to me if I felt 'heard'.

Apparantly you guys are the pro's here, with all the knowledge and so on... so I was hoping that, somewhere about 23 posts ago, someone would have seen that maybe there is a real need here, which is where I came in.

I don't enjoy getting into email scrapes, but when a guy don't get the feeling he is being heard by the folks who are writing this software, then I suppose inevitably even with the best will in the world, something snaps, as has been demonstrated on both sides here.

Well, if you notice and read the posts made on this thread from people with signatures like 'CB Core Team' you should feel that you have been heard by the folks who are writing this software. They just don't have the extra free time to keep on trying to make you feel better. Having said this, the core team has acknowledged that it must develop this functionality as part of the core product. This will happen after 1.0 stable is released.

Got to go ... dont have time to watch Invasion (whatever it is).

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14 years 7 months ago #6217 by achintya
Replied by achintya on topic CB Extended has disappeared?
Hi I got an email from you, and this seems the only way to reply. You are encouraging me to try our CB Extended but it seems to have disappeared from the website as far as I can see.


andyahoo wrote:

[edit] I posted something but decided not to get involved.


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14 years 3 months ago #14423 by jpjozxyqk
Replied by jpjozxyqk on topic Re:CB Extended has disappeared?
What about DBQ? Or am I missing something?

Component homepage:

or search for 'dbq' on forge releases.

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