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15 years 9 months ago #52714 by mikko
Replied by mikko on topic Re:Conditions plugin
The current development version does not seem to fully work, but it is not too far from working.

If you have a site to test with and know some javascript you can install the current development version and help out in fixing bugs in the scripts.js file

I wrote a small update to the documentation wiki


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15 years 8 months ago #53967 by hugoaf
Replied by hugoaf on topic Re:Conditions plugin

First of all, thank you for the effort on working on non profit projects, non all of us have the ability, time and heart to do it.

I am trying to make the conditions plugin to work without success, I am getting the following error at the google console:

debug is not defined
applyConditions(Document index.php)funcs.js (line 85)
[Break on this error] if(debug==1){

unfortunally I have no programing skills to figure out whats wrong.

But probably I am doing something wrong. do I?


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15 years 6 months ago #59198 by md5
Replied by md5 on topic Re:Conditions plugin
mikko, your plugins are not so free as you said. My hoster did not gave me any Zend or ionCube optimizers, and so, i cannot use your plugins. Your SOURCE-CLOSED plugins maked my site down.

Sorry, your plugins are NOT FREE.

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15 years 6 months ago #59216 by dpk
Replied by dpk on topic Re:Conditions plugin
md5--It's not mikko's fault if your host doesn't support zend or ioncube. And so what if his plugins are not free? That's not making your site "down." If you need to use mikko's software, pay for it and also pay for a host where they will work.

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15 years 5 months ago #61082 by lenamtl
Replied by lenamtl on topic Re:Conditions plugin

I'm looking for any documentation
(I have found a pdf but that was for the old version)

as I can see I need to populate condition tables manually.

I want to use it for Country-State-City dropdown selector

really basic

or if there are hack that does the same let me know.



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15 years 2 months ago #68813 by wolfcreek
Replied by wolfcreek on topic Re:Conditions plugin

Is there anything going on with your plugin? I know you just got back from surgery, etc. but I wanted to see what is going on to make it work with CB 1.2 RC2.

I'm desperately needing either more information or a working WIKI for it.

Thanks...and welcome back.

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