Welcome to Joomlapolis!

Greetings fellow Joomlapolitans!

Our new site has opened its gates to the public. Its main goal and purpose is to support and promote quality projects for Joomla!
The main starship project is of course the Community Builder suite for Joomla!/Mambo.

The grand opening of Joomlapolis coincides with the release of the Community Builder 1.0 RC2 suite. The Joomlapolis team welcomes the CB Team and the CB worldwide community.

Joomlapolis - the polis (means town/city in Greek) of Joomla - will showcase all its projects. To this end, the Community Builder suite is used throught this site in order to facilitate the creation and growth of our online community. This will be self evident throughout the various transactions and day to day activities of this community. The registration process, the user profiling, user lists, the forums, the PMS and other features are based on the latest Community Builder suite and some of its integrated/collaborating components.

The ultimate challenge the Joomlapolis government faces is to devise innovative schemes to get more and more people involved in active participation in its day-to-day operations. This will hopefully become clearer as our Joomlapolis matures.

Our CB first citizens, Joomlajoe (aka Mambojoe), Beat, Trail, Nant and Petermixt welcome you to our new home and urge you to become Joomlapolitans and grow with us!

The Joomlapolis Government Team



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