CB Position Statement

Community Builder Position Statement
(The CB Team - Updated Nov. 2005 due to RC2 release)

The Community Builder Team (CB Team) in an effort to inform its users and supporters about the team's commitment, development philosophy, and vision regarding the CB product suite has compiled this position statement.

PS#1 - Quality
The CB Team firmly believes and strives for stable and robust releases. To facilitate this commitment the team has created and monitors modification and feature request tracking over at http://developer.joomla.org/sf/projects/cb. All bugs and potential features must be submitted on this official tracking system. All releases are thoroughly tested by the team and volunteer CB users acting as testers. All features are carefully analyzed, designed and planned keeping in mind the overall system design and evolving architecture. All releases are accompanied by detailed documentation.

PS#2 - Acknowledgements
All contributions of any kind are clearly acknowledged, either in the website or in the documentation. If we use other public domain code of any kind, in most cases we contact the author and inform him/her about such activities. These acknowledgements support open source activities and promote collaboration. We acknowledge and promote collaboration with others and we expect others to act in a similar manner.

PS#3 - Integration & Collaboration
Due to the nature of the CB suite, there are many feature requests to integrate with other open source efforts. The CB team always collaborates with the original author(s) and reaches a common agreement and integration plan. This activity again promotes open source efforts and provides future proof integration. We do not build upon, integrate, hack, enhance or change in any way other people's code without prior communication and collaboration with the original author(s). Our goal it to move together with other open source authors because we believe that this will benefit all parties. We will make any reasonable effort to collaborate and assist other Joomla/Mambo component developers to integrate their code with CB. In order to facilitate this position, as of version 1.0 RC2 an new API Plugin Framework has been designed, developed and deployed along with detailed documentation.

PS#4 - Reinventing
We do not believe in reinventing functionality and applications that are developed and maintained elsewhere. Our first choice is to contact, discuss and propose alternative solutions with the original author(s) of such functionality in order to reach some agreement and integration strategy. The API Plugin Framework is instrumental towards achieving related issues.

PS#5 - Contributions
We work on CB because we like to. It's our hobby. We enjoy it. What we enjoy even more is the growing CB community and the comments and praise and encouragement people send our way either by posting on mambojoe.com or elsewhere. We like the fact that people believe that Mambo/Joomla without CB is like bread without butter. We appreciate financial contributions as a token of true support and honest praise. We encourage CB users to actively participate in our efforts by sending in their code and modifications or by joining the team.

PS#6 - We Support you - You Support us - Lets support each other
We strive to support our user community in its effort to use our product line. Towards this direction we have established a well monitored forum at joomlapolis.com (and mambojoe.com) were novice and advanced CB suite users share their experiences and with the assistance of the CB team support each other. The CB Team is comprised of professionals that are passionate about Mambo/Joomla and Community Builder and strive to exemplify these positions.
PS#7 - Mambo/Joomla Split
The CB Team has decided to follow the Joomla branch of the popular Mambo/Joomla CMS.


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