Joomlapolitan #2000!

Earlier this week (actually on the 14th of December) Joomlapolis has welcomed its' 2000 citizen! This is approximately two weeks after the arrival of its 1000'th citizen.

The Joomlapolis government  has located this Joomlapolitan. His username is sautez, his name is Josh from Oregon U.S.A. and you can view his profile here. Josh, has gratiously accepted our proposal to share with us some additional information about himself and his Joomlapolitan needs.

Q1. How did you find out about Joomlapolis?
found out about Joomlapolis a while back while looking for a solution to add additional items to the user profile and the login screen. I found MamboJoe and then Joomlapolis.
Q2. Please tell us a little about yourself and your Joomla/Mambo experience.
I started learning about mambo/joomla about 1 year ago. I was looking for a solution that would allow me to have user management and an ease of use for some clients without computer knowledge. Mambo and now Joomla offer a very good solution.
Q3. Please tell us about your CB experience and the needs you are satisfying with it.
As mentioned above. The user management and ease of use have satisfied a few clients. I also have become invovled in the development of the gigCalendar in the last month. This is a project that I enjoy as I have focused my web solutions for Bands and Venues. I enjoy music and looking to provide useful and easy to use solutions for the music industry. 
Q4. I know its too soon, but what do you think about Joomlapolis so far?
From what I have seen I like Joomlapolis. I'll know better with my new site as I'll be using it exclusively and other tools that support Joomlapolis. I hope I will find the solutions or be able to write any missing.
Q5. Anything you would like to say to your fellow Joomlapolitans?
Keep up the great work and volunteer your time if you have it. I hope to see new ideas grow with Joomlapolis. I'd like to see other project like Galley join as well. I envision more ideas that Joomlaplis will offer.

Thank you Josh and welcome to Joomlapolis! Let us welcome Josh by responding to the following thread:



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