More CB Team Plugins and updates for doc subscribers

The CB Team has just packages a set of new CB Team plugins and updates to previously released plugins and made them available for documentation subscribers. The entire set is comprised of:

  • CB Profile Gallery 1.2 RC2 (plugin, module and documentation!) - for CB 1.2 stable (Joomla 1.0/1.5 & Mambo native)
    This release fixes all identified issues of the previous RC package and also includes 31 pages of documentation! Just download and unzip to reveal plugin, module and pdf document!
  • CB Captcha 2.2 RC4 plugin (for doc subscribers only) fixes all identified issues with previous release.
  • CB Privacy 1.0 RC plugin (new! - first time release): This CB 1.2 stable compatible plugin allows you to turn on privacy settings on a fields basis or tabs basis. Your members can now decide how privacy controlled fields/tabs will be handled. Example: a member may decide that his additional info tab is only viewable by his connected users! This will also work on CB plugin tabs - example: a user may specify that his profileWall is only viewable by connected users!
  • CB ProfileBook 1.2 RC2 (plugin and module) - for CB 1.2 stable (Joomla 1.0/1.5 & Mambo native)
    This release fixes some identified issues of the previous RC package.
  • CB Rating Fieldtype 1.0 RC plugin - for CB 1.2. This plugin adds 2 new field types to available CB fields: Stars My Rating and Stars Your Rating. The resulting AJAX powered fields will permit users to submit their rating on specific topics or allow the profile owner to express his/her opinion (in rate form) about something. Very powerfull control elements permit you to allow/disallow multiple voting, etc.
  • CB Ajax Text Fieldtype 1.0 RC plugin - for CB 1.2. This plugin adds a new AJAX text field type to available CB fields. The resulting fields can be quickly edited from front-end and are refreshed immediately. This permits you to add as many "what's my status" type fields as you want in your profile. Many configuration settings available.

The stable versions of Profile Gallery, Rating fieldtype and Ajax Text fieldtype plugins will be released to the general public for free when the RC phase is finished. Until then, they are provided to the documentation subscribers as another "THANK YOU" for their generous support.

All the above plugins are currently available in the documentation subscriber download area. More plugins will follow these very soon.


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