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Very fast templates

Joomlapolis templates will make your website super efficient in terms of browsing, with focus on content, loading time and size. They are very fast loading and rendering. They use latest techniques for efficient visual page structure, minimal server load, optimal data-transfer, and efficient browser rendering.

Fast generation

The clean design and light fully CSS implementation makes your Joomla site super fast and efficient.

Fast data transfer

A default joomla 1.0 homepage loads really very fast, even over slow mobile-phones or modems, as the default homepage with that template takes less than 10 kilobytes (webserver compression on).

Fast rendering

Your site will be appearing quick and responsive to the user. The template requires only the minimal 2 web-server requests (one for html and one for CSS that most browsers can handle in parallel) and everything can be rendered very quickly in a single browser draw. Compare that number to 30, 70 or more requests that some templates need to draw.

Efficient usability

Your visitors will focus on your important content quicker, and will see more of your content at first glance, as most of the space is dedicated to your content, and not to the template.

Visual focus on content

Most web surfers are looking for pleasant visits, and most importantly efficient visits. Joomlapolis templates allow the reader to quickly focus on your important site content, not on the decorations and gimmiks. Your content stands out, not the template. We are using latest research results on website usability, accessibility and visual impact for efficient and most usable browsing. And applying these fundamental principles to our templates: less is more. Result is simple: visitors are finding quicker what they are looking for, increasing satisfaction, and retention.

Priority to your Content

The template structure puts focus on the main content area, and starts that main content area very high compared to other templates, giving it 30-50% more vertical space above the fold (that most important part of the browser window that is seem before needing to scroll down) and 10-30% more horizontal space than with many templates.

Functional decorations

All graphical decorations of our templates have a stuctural function. There are no extra "beautifying-only" decorations, all graphical elements have a clear functional meaning, helping the user recognize the page structure more quickly, improving his browsing experience by making the site not only load fast and efficiently, but also looking efficient.

Clean, light and lean

The templates have been designed in a very sober clean way, avoiding any design clutter using cool unobtrusive single color and grey tones, so that the focus of the visitor is immediately drawn to the content of the pages, users' profiles, lists of users, latest news of the site

CB Content module and icons

Joomlapolis templates come with software and icons needed to give the final classy touch.

CB Content module

Joomlapolis templates come with a cool CB Content Module (available also to CB Doc Subscribers). The new environment can take advantage of the new CB Content module,used to present available CB Profile actions as nicely formatted links in a Joomla module. This module can be copied and re-used to display not only the CB menu, but other CB contents.

Menu Icons

Menu icons are included in the template, and use super-efficient single-image sprite rendering, further reducing number of http accesses, local cache accesses, and browser rendering speed.


"Less is more" and "make things as simple as possible, but not more" are our key design principles, resulting in a very pure, simple and super-efficient graphical line.

Tableless W3C-compliant

Joomlapolis templates are compliant to all current World-Wide-Web Consortium (W3C) standards and do not use tables for the template rendering.


The templates are tableless for better accessibility and faster rendering.


The templates validates XHTML 1.0 trans and CSS 2.1 and have been successfully tested on a broad range of browsers.


Our templates do not make use of Javascript for any core function, they are purely CSS-driven, making them very widely-usable, non-interfering with website functionality, and very fast rendering, without flickering or partial and gradual renderings.

Native for Joomla! 1.0 & 1.5

Joomlapolis templates are compatible with both Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 (one version for each system) and come with detailed manuals for both systems.

Native for Joomla 1.5 and 1.0

The Joomla templates are installed just like any other template on your website.

Native for Community Builder

The Joomla template runs also without CB, but if you use CB and wish to use the included CB template plugin, then CB 1.2 is required. The CB 1.2 Template Plugin is installed as a CB Plugin from the CBPlugin Management panel and once published, it will add another option to your‘Community Builder Template’ parameter in your CB Configuration User Profile tab panel. This new option will change the look of your CB Profile page.

Comes with detailed manuals

We have included extended documentation regarding the installation of our templates and have also included instructions to make changes to the templates to satisfy your specific esthetics and needs. Additionally we provide direct contact to the template designer, where you can request professional services for custom modifications.

Package includes everything needed

The package contains a Joomla 1.0 template, a Joomla 1.5 template, a CB1.2 Template Plugin, the new CB Content module, detailed documentation (25 pages) for Joomla 1.0 and (25 pages) for Joomla 1.5 environments and the license file. We have also included a Mambo 4.5.X / Mambo 4.6.5 CMS template package for our Mambo CMS CB users.

Compatible with all major components

The template has been designed especially for clean Community Builder rendering, as well as for popular extensions, like uddeIM and fireboard

MyCommunity Price and purchasing

MyCommunity is offered commercially at 20 € and can be purchased and downloaded by selecting the MyCommunity template checkbox in the Subscription tab of your profile (login first - click below to buy: Select MyCommunity Template then click buy). .

Coolness Price and purchasing

Coolness is offered commercially at 20 € for single site and 29 € for all sites of the same owner (you), and can be purchased and downloaded by selecting the Coolness template checkbox in the Subscription tab of your profile (login first - click below to buy: Select Coolness Template then click buy). .

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