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The CB Team wishes you all a happy, healthy and successful new year 2010.

2009 has been a very interesting year over here, with quite some major milestones reached and we believe that 2010 will be even more interesting. Let’s recap and share our new year resolutions (read on, some really exciting pre-announcements in here !):

Let’s first recap 2009 major new items:

  • January : CB 1.2 Stable has been publically released !
  • February : Joomlapolis starts slick very fast templates : MyCommunity template is released, today still Joomla’s fastest template around.
  • March : new CB Team CB plugins released to doc subscribers.
  • April : CBSubs 1.0 Stable is released, major new social membership management and automated payment solution.
  • May : CB 1.2.1 with a new native Kunena integration is released, and our new Joomlapolis Quality Hosting is launched, based on our private cloud clusters providing High Availability through full redundancy, high security standards, and performance optimizations for Joomla, CB and CBSubs.
  • June : talks with GroupJive team lead to GroupJive project take-over to complete this important extension: 5 beta have been released since then.
  • July : CBSubs 1.0.2 is released, bringing more integration plugins with it, our new Joomlapolis forge is started.
  • August : A new file field plugin for CB is released, with Ajax support, illustrating CB 1.2’s extensibility. A l rounded-corners “Coolness” Joomla template is released !
  • September : CBSubs 1.0.3 is released with more integrations again.
  • October : work on CBSubs 1.1 starts.
  • November : Facebook connect integration starts.
  • December : work on CB 1.2.2 starts, and the one on CB 2.0 continues, a CB admin module reaches 287'800 members ! Wow! Thank You !

Here are our new year resolutions:

(I'm really really excited by all of this):

  • Nick (nant) is coming on board full time !
  • CB 1.2.2 will be released with full PHP 5.3 support and minor bug fixes.
  • A new, completely rewritten, GroupJive 2.0 will be released, and stable releases of the new CB Team plugins.
  • More CB Team plugins, including the activity timeline, Facebook integrations, and others yet to be announced, will complete the exciting mix.
  • CBSubs 1.1 with full 2Checkout support, as well as gateways API will be released.
  • CB 2.0 will see daylight, first as RC then as Stable, with new "wow-features", "web 2.0" look and feel, Joomla 1.6 support and new templates.
  • CBSubs 1.2 with very powerful workflows and integrations and marketing tools will come.
  • 3 exciting new templates for Joomla and CB.
  • to be redesigned to give a better user experience.
  • CB Workgroups will be better organized, so it's easier to help
  • Community involvement and contributions will continue to expand thanks to better project and site structure, new APIs for CB, GroupJive and CBSubs.
  • Help Joomla get Joomla! 1.6 released.
    • These are our new year resolutions. What are your resolutions ? What do you think of ours ?


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