Joomlapolis Incubator

The Joomlapolis Incubator is a forge area used by CB Team members to share their work in progress projects and Community Builder experiments with community members. At this time is offered as yet another benefit to CB Documentation subscribers however in the near future (new site under construction) it will be offered only to premium members (to be announced).

The CB Team is always working on proof-of-concept (POC) projects and experiments that are pretty cool ideas but are not released to the general population for various reasons. Some of the projects may never be released as stable CB Team items, others need extra work and yet others perhaps might be of limited use to most of us. With the Incubator concept community members will be able to gain access to all these great ideas and help shape the future of the concept.

This is also an excellent way to learn how to code your own CB plugin applications. Studying these projects will help you learn how to take advantage of the powerful CB API to fulfill your use case needs.

All Joomlapolis Incubator projects can be accesses (currently you need to be a CB Documentation subscriber) by clicking here. You can then navigate to any individual project area by clicking on one of the links in the Subprojects list or by clicking on the top right drop-down navigation field (initially containing the value: Incubator). Once you visit an individual Incubator project area you can see its releases in the Files tab and relevant discussions in the Forum tab.

CB Connect

If you like CB Facebook Connect you will love this one. This cool authentication plugin allows your users to sign-in on your website using their Google account or their Facebook account. It will also allow you to take advantage of the many Google and Facebook gadgets that are available.

CB Blogs

Been missing the Joomla 1.0 mamboblog? Well this cool CB plugin adds blogging to your website and it uses the Joomla content database for storage. This way you can use your Joomla rendering engine to display your user blogs on your website just like you would do with articles in a category/section!

CB Invites

Allow your users to send email registration invitations to their friends. This cool tool will help your membership grow very fast. Invited users can also automatically be connected to invite initiator. You can also control / limit number of pending invitations.

CB Content bot

Add CB field values to your Joomla content articles! You can even use CB substitutions to show or hide article content based on viewer CB field values! Fantastic value - the possibilities are limitless! Use with CBSubs to create timed released content based on CB date fields!

CB Virtuemart

Synchronize users from Community Builder to VirtueMart at various customizable triggers. Transfer up to 10 different Community Builder field values to VirtueMart per trigger. If you are using VirtueMart on your CB website, then this plugin is for you!

CB AlphaUserPoints

Add or subtract AlphaUserPoints to or from your CB users based on Community Builder events. Example 10 points for updating a profile, 20 points for uploading an avatar, etc. You can even apply a daily limit so users do not abuse your system!

CB Emails

Send any personalized email message to your users and/or to your administrators when a user event takes place. Example: notify your administrators when a user first logs in or when users update their profiles. Very powerful and handy tool that can be used for any CB event. You can also send email attachments.

CB Queries

Execute fully customizable database queries when CB events happen. This tool can be used to provide rudimentary integration with other bridged scripts. You can even connect to external host databases!

CB Template Changer

Allow users to change the profile and/or site template as they please. Users can select if profile setting is to apply only for them or even for all users viewing user's profile.

CB Flyspray

Synchronize users from Community Builder to FlySpray at various customizable triggers. Specify custom FlySpray Group to synchronize users also

CB Triggers

Transfer all Joomla 1.5.x triggers into CB triggers allowing usage through CB trigger API. Backend tools to ensure triggers plugins are properly installed. This is a nice plugin for CB application developers.

CB Redirect

Redirect users when specific CB events take place. You can even use CB field substitutions when constructing the redirect URL to produce personalized redirection pages for users. Also can specify which user ids are excluded from redirect rule.

CB Fields

Modify any CB field value based on CB trigger activity. Example: keep track of how many times a user has modified his profile by adding 1 to a CB integer field every time a CB profile update event happens.

AWK Language Grabber

Very cool AWK script used by CB Team to grab language strings from source files and produce language file for use in CB language plugins. You can use this tool to make your specific CB plugin language files. 

PHP Memory Tester

Your php.ini file memory settings doesn't always match what your host is actually giving you. This small script puts your environment to the test to see exactly what your PHP scripts are getting in terms of allocated memory.

CB Profile Update Logger

Every wanted to keep track of who changed what and when in their profile? This script will produce a FILO list of profile updates for each user profile. Email notifications also planned in next version.

CB Code

Fetch an unlimited amount of customizable URLs based on various Community Builder triggers with full substitution support. Capable of performing GET, XML, JSON, and POST requests. Exclude users from request on a global or trigger by trigger basis. Specific access for requests such as Publishers, Editors, Registered, and more.

CB Articles

Display users CMS articles within a template-able profile tab. Model based for allowing additional CMS or content extension support in future releases. Full pagination, display number, and searching capability.

CB Query Field

Adds new Query fieldtype allowing creation of fields returning results based off a custom query. Supports internal and external databases. Features complete substitution support within queries.

CB Google Translate

Adds Google translate functionality to your website via the CB Login module. Many plugin parameters to customize your Google Translate appearance.

To access Incubator projects and downloads with links above:

If you are already doc subscriber, login on this site and then on the forge site.

If not, become a CB doc subscriber now before a higher level subscription is needed for Incubator:

CB Documentation Subscription

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