Incubator Grand Opening!

The CB Team is very excited to announce the immediate grand opening of the Joomlapolis Incubator Area. The Incubator concept is our answer to share our development and proof-of-concept work with our members.

You can now gain access to many internal projects and experiments that you will be able to test and provide feedback and inspire further development. Each project has its own dedicated forge area where members can download latest releases, post comments on dedicated forums and post new tracker items when forum discussions verify issues.

Currently, there are 17 Incubator projects in the Incubator forge area and the CB Team has more in progress. Read the entire Incubator concept and available projects and see our official Joomlapolis Incubator presentation:

As a gift to our trusted CB Documentation subscribers we have granted all active subscribers access to the incubator. Just visit your Doc-Subs profile tab to see access link.

With the release of our new website (currently in last phase of construction), we will be introducing a new Joomlapolis premium membership status. This new status will be given support services at various levels (dedicated forum and ticketing system, etc.) and will be granted exclusive access to Incubator area. Until this happens, all CB Documentation subscribers will enjoy access to the Incubator.


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