JoomlaDay Greece 2011 Recap

Speakers from Joomla!Day Greece 2011 under the Acropolis

Living in a country like Greece, I seldom have the opportunity to promote Joomla and Community Builder in my native language and I honestly miss this. So when the JoomlaDay Greece 2011 project was announced the CB Team was proud to sponsor the event financially and participate with two presentations during the two day conference.

Once again the Greek people proved that when motivated they can accomplish anything and in record time. I believe the entire project was organized from start to finish within 45 days and there were over 650 registrations! Reminds me of the 2004 Athens Olympics where the Greek people – contrary to public international criticism proved that they could and did organize the best Olympic games every!

The 2 day Joomla Day Greece event was awesome. The venue was fantastic – two excellent Cinema amphitheatrically (Greek word btw) situated rooms with state of the art acoustic support and high definition enormous projection screens made viewing and presenting effortless and extremely enjoyable.

Our International speakers: Ryan Ozimek (President OSM), Johan Janssens (Nooku), Theo van der Zee (FinishJoomla), Alex Kempkens (JoomFish) and Max Milbers (Virtuemart) gave the event the prestige it needed and even though almost everyone (only one registration claimed otherwise) attending knew English it was the many top notch native language speakers that gave the local color needed in order to truly promote Joomla to the Greek audience.

And of course Greek hospitality scored many points with the international speakers and the Greek cuisine also with a highlight second night dinner under the Acropolis. Everyone renewed their commitment to participate again next year to further promote Joomla in Greece!

I would personally like to thank and congratulate the organizers, the sponsors, the speakers and the participants for a well done job. It looks like the open source culture is in line with the Greek mentality and community and we will see more great projects popping up from Greek developers. I am proud to have been associated with this effort and I am very grateful that Joomlapolis helped sponsor this – THANK YOU!

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