JAB12 aftermath and the bright future

jab12-leadershipWe are back from our yearly Joomla fix at JandBeyond 2012 and still recovering from the great presentations and the fantastic discussions with our Joomla peers.

There are many online references to the #jab12 happenings that you can visit to read, see and listen to. Yes, this years event really rocked and rolled (see if you can spot Beat in this one).

While we are waiting for the video production process of all the presentations (currently in progress - thank you Jeremy Wilken) - courtesy of the Joomlapolis Video sponsorship - we have to share two important happenings that make us very excited about the future of Joomla and of Community Builder.

The first very important happening is the decision of Joomla UI (user interface) to use BootStrap as part of its Joomla 3.0 planned release later this year. This is a great opportunity for Joomla and its third-party extensions (that also choose to use Bootstrap) to get a nice, light-weight and clean user interface look.

The CB Team and many other third-party extension teams (e.g., Kunena) have decided to also adopt the Boostrap concept. The unified user interface concept will help Joomla users as they will see a familiar set of interface controls in Joomla and in its extensions. Once again, Community Builder 2.0 will use Bootstrap.

The second exciting happening is the official annoucement of the AHA?WOW! new specification language that will be used in CB 2.0. Five (5) years of internal research have given birth to this bold new development concept already used and thoroughly tested in CBSubs. See the slides and watch Beat's lightning talk video.


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