On the fly group creation with Auto GroupJive

cb bubles 1 v3 smallDid you know you can program GroupJive to create new groups or categories and also automatically place or remove users in/from groups?

This is one of the many powerful features that GroupJive provides to help membership sites fulfill their use case needs.

Here is a list of sample use cases that can be easily programmed using a GroupJive Automation:

  • Company website automatically adds customers to product groups based on items selected during the registration process
  • Political website places constituents in groups based on the voting area they declared
  • Dancing club members immediately join relevant dancing groups (Disco, Rock & Roll, Tango, etc) right after they express interest
  • Dating sites use matching interest criteria to place members in similar interest groups

These are just a few of the infinite use cases that can be supported.

A tutorial supporting the Political website use case has been created here.


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