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We have big news!

Next Generation Community Builder 2.0 will be released on October 9th, 2014.

And not only that, but all our add-on packages will also have new, CB 2.0-compatible, major releases same day !

Since the Community Builder 2.0 RC3 release we have been working full speed to prepare everything needed for this great stable release.

As the community is focusing on test case scenarions providing valuable test coverage feedback, the CB Team is concentrating on a number of important parallel tasks that will have a huge impact on the way we do things in the future.

So, ongoing call to action for all our paid-up members:

  1. Grab latest Community Builder 2.0 RC3 nightly release
  2. Test according to provided test case scenarios
  3. Post back feedback on our Community Builder 2.0 RC3 thread

The tasks we have been working on along with their progress status are:

  • Help pages for CB 2.0.

    Just like Joomla, each CB 2.0 page now has a Help button that will open a help page window for quick online assistance. As of today we have 11 (out of 22) help pages ready and should have the remaining ready very soon. This is our first step to migrating our documentation from pdf format to online HTML deployment.

  • New CB 2.0 compatible add-on releases.

    As planned, we are working on getting our major plugins CB 2.0 ready. Beat is focusing on CBSubs and Kyle is pusing forward with everything else. We have already prepared 12 CB 2.0 compatible releases and are pushing forward as quickly as possible.
    The following releases are ready for CB 2.0:

    1. CB Query Field 4.0
    2. CB Core Fields Ajax 2.0
    3. CB Google Translate 3.0
    4. CB Gravatar Field 2.0
    5. CB Invites 4.0
    6. CB Progress Field 3.0
    7. CB Reconfirm Email 4.0
    8. CB Template Changer 3.0
    9. CB Content bot 3.0
    10. CB Author bot 2.0
    11. CB Search bot 2.0
    12. CB Content module 2.0

  • Localization improvements.

    In CB 2.0 we have dropped the legacy DEFINE structure language concept in favor of two PHP array files. A language.php for frontend translations and an admin_language.php for backend strings. We have already updated our CB Transifex project with these new resource files and our translation teams have been working to get their translations ready.
    As our advanced and professional add-ons are becoming CB 2.0 compatible, we have been creating individual Transifex projects for each one of them and are calling upon our international community to move forward with translations.

    >>> You can visit our language pages and join a translation team. <<<

  • Automation improvements.

    A strategic decision and goal is to provide continuous integration releases for all our projects. Intention is to quicly push bug fixes and minor improvements using a nightly build process. No more waiting for next release or having to apply patches. The same is true for our transifex translation projects and we intend to automatically push nightly CB language plugins generated from our transifex projects. 

As you can see there are many exciting concepts currently in progress targeting an overall user experience improvement for the entire CB community.

Discuss this on our forums.