11 previously commercial add-ons included in CB 2.0

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The Community Builder extension has been around even before the birth of Joomla and it's being used on millions of websites worldwide. And most of all it is both free as in beer (no cost to download) and free as in freedom (GPL).

This free status is not easy to maintain as there are many cost elements involved and many moving targets to track. So, no matter how free spirited we are there will always be the reality of expenses and the need for a commecrial aspect that funds and keeps the project going.

The CB Team and the entire Joomlapolis community -THANK YOU- have been doing a great job of keeping Community Builder powerful and free and very secure.

The next generation Community Builder 2.0 series has incorporated 11 previously commercial add-ons into its core - yes these add-ons are now included in the free CB 2.0+ releases.

The previously commercial add-ons now in CB 2.0 are:

  1. CB Ajax File field
  2. CB Rating field
  3. CB Admin Navigation module
  4. CB Forums
  5. CB Blogs
  6. CB Articles
  7. CB Ajax Points
  8. CB Bootstrap template
  9. CB Video Field
  10. CB Password Strength
  11. CB Verify Email

Community Builder 2.0 with these extended features and its new mobile ready user interface is just plain awesome!

See for yourself watching our 40+ short and sweet CB 2.0 Video tutorials and then consider upgrading to any one of our 12 month paid membership levels to get even more add-ons and great support and of course contribute to keep Community Builder free and powerful.

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