Community Builder 2.0.9 and 3 more releases

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The Next Generation Community Builder 2.0.9 is here
and it's free to download.

Community Builder 2.0.9 is here and fixes 15 issues (detailed list in discussion thread) also has 3 feature improvements that:

  • improve performance
  • provide better stability with updated imagine library
  • upgrade select2 library to version 4 needed for CB Activity 3.0 RC2

Upgrading to Community Builder 2.0.9 can be done using the Joomla Extensions Update functionality or by simply downloading the CB 2.0.9 package and installing over your existing CB 2.0+ environment. If you are upgrading from CB 1.9.1, you should first take a look at video #30: CB 2.0 Tutorials - 30 - Upgrading from CB 1.9.1 to CB 2.0 - Expectations and first steps, our Getting started articles and of course the CB Primer Book.

With the release of CB 2.0.9, we have also released:

  • CB Activity 3.0 RC2
  • CB Auto Actions 6.2.3 with new activity action
  • CB Connect 7.0 b2

Our CB 2.0 Compatibility chart has been updated to reflect these new releases.

Discuss the Community Builder 2.0.9 release on our forums.

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