CB 2.0.12 released and paving the way for GroupJive 3.0 RC

cb2012 500 

Community Builder 2.0.12 is here and is required for upcoming GroupJive 3.0 RC release
Download it now - it's free and super stable

Community Builder 2.0.12 is a maintenance release that fixes 14 bugs and adds 4 new internal features (see forum discussion for full changelog) paving the way for the upcoming GroupJive 3.0 RC release.

CB 2.0+ websites can be upgraded to latest CB 2.0.12 using the built-in Joomla upgrader or with a simple install over (precautionary backup always recommended) as all previous settings are kept.

Community Builder 2.0.12 is released as a required upgrade for the upcoming GroupJive 3.0 RC release.

The CB Primer Book is valid and the CB 2.0 Add-on compatibility chart has been updated. New CB 2.0.12 Language plugins are available in the Language Download area.

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