CBSubs GPL 4.1 with Timed content, Taxes inclusive price display, and plan substitutions usable anywhere

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CBSubs GPL Paid Subscriptions Membership 4.1 released with 9 new features and 7 bug fixes.
Up to date paid members can download from here

The punchline for this release is -- "Content Control Everywhere".

The new features give you fantastic granular control to display any plan description or pricing data in any Joomla content area (articles or modules) and even lets you specify when specific content is to appear (or disappear) for your paid subscribers. Well that's the punchline, but there are many more features and CBSubs default and rounded templates are now fully responsive -- so everything looks great on tablets and smartphones!

The major new features included in this release are:

  • -- Decide when your paid subscribers see the content you want them to see --

    (2606) - Timed Release content support using new [cbsubs:if since] tags
    Lets you filter any Joomla content based on time criteria against subscription baseline.

    [cbsubs:if plan="1" status="A" since>="1 week" and plan="1" status="A" since<="2 week"]

            This only shows up between 1st and 2nd week of your subscription

  • -- Optionally include tax costs in your plan price displays --

    (3732) Tax inclusive plan price display options
    Display plan price that includes default tax calculation.
    This is off by default, but you can enable it on a plan by plan basis
    default tax rate setting to be used (based on default customer location).

  • -- Personalize your marketing by embedding plan or subscription data in your content --

    (5953) Display plan or subscription content in Joomla content
    Show plan or subscription specific data in your Joomla or
    CB content areas (articles, modules, fields).

    Upgrade to our plan [cbsubs:plans plan="1" output="name" /]
    for just [cbsubs:plans plan="1" output="price" /] now!

  • -- Even more tools to help you target active and even expired subscribers --

    (5954) Condition Joomla content depending on subscriptions
    You can now embed [cbsubs:if plan] substitutions in your Joomla content to show content based on subscription.

    [cbsubs:if plan="1" status="X"]Your subscription has expired,
    please renew today at our discounted price[/cbsubs:if]

  • -- Make things easier and faster for people to pay you --

    (5934) New URL to take potential purchaser directly to basket
    This new feature gives you a different URL that bypasses the plan selection process
    taking purchaser directly to basket ready for checkout.

  • -- Sales process is now awesome looking on any tablet or smartphone device --

    (4987) Updated default and rounded template markup to Bootstrap 3
    The default and Rounded templates have been updated to support Bootstrap 3,
    so frontend CBSubs displays are now fully responsive and look great
    on all viewing devices (tablets and smartphones).

  • -- More controls for you to keep your subscribers motivated to follow your customer lifecycle --

    (5912) New subscription plan time sensitive settings to disallow reactivation of expired or cancelled subscription
    You can now configure a plan to not allow reactivation once it has expired
    or has been cancelled.
    Setting also lets you configure the "disallowing" based on duration since expiration
    or the duration before expiration.

krileon's Avatar
krileon replied the topic: #282391 5 years 7 months ago
Make a support post in the support forums detailing your issue (do you have conditions, are child plans set to be hidden, etc..) so it can be investigated. A vague post in a news topic is not the proper place for support, sorry.
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ricco1 replied the topic: #282331 5 years 7 months ago
Sorry that I have to say, but this update is a big mess. I fixed the css, that was the easy part, but now some of the plans are not showing for upgrade although they were showing before the update. I've Copied one of the plans and its showing now as it should be. What could be preventing this plans from showing? I've noticed that the 2 out of the 6 paid and 1 free (7 altogether) plans that were not showing were the cheapest ones, all of them are top parent plans.

Please advice.

Thank you
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krileon replied the topic: #282078 5 years 7 months ago
No, #5978 is not in 4.1. That ticket is only 3 days old and was far too close to 4.1 release to implement. That one is a bit more tricky as it'll require entirely new ajax usage and have no idea when it'll be implemented if implemented.
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activha replied the topic: #282062 5 years 7 months ago
Sorry did not read it correctly, thought it was in next CBsubs release :-(
BTW is this one in this release ?
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krileon replied the topic: #282033 5 years 7 months ago

activha wrote: Hello
Nice features :-)
Did you fix this validation bug on this release ??


No, as I've already told you it has nothing to do with CBSubs. It's a bug in CB it self. More specifically a bug in jQuery Validate where it skips the inputs validation if the first radio or checkbox is hidden. I've also already provided you the bug ticket below.
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activha replied the topic: #281988 5 years 7 months ago



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