Community Builder 2.1.1 released !

Community Builder can be freely downloaded by all registered members


We are proud to release Community Builder 2.1.1 with 8 new (minor) features and 21 bug fixes!

Just one month after our feature rich Community Builder 2.1 release, we are proud to release Community Builder 2.1.1 which is primarily a compatibility, maintenance and security-hardenings release. We are also celebrating our 1234th merge request since CB 2.0. !

The detailed list of new features and bug fixes is included in our discussion thread. The main features worth mentioning are:

  1. Language override user interface improvements lets you search for language strings and easily create your own override strings.
  2. Updated fontawesome library to 4.7.0 to give you even more icons that you can easily take advantage of on your websites.
  3. Improved PHP 7.1 compatibility - this way you can take advantage of the latest PHP framework.

CB 2.1.1 further strengthens the legendary security of Community Builder. Third party libraries have been updated (Guzzle, PHPMailer) and additional security-checks have been added. Also the update channel, version checks and the newsfeed now all use https!

Please see our Security statement on Community Builder 2.1.1 regarding third-party libraries PHPMailer and Guzzle for super-technical details: In short, CB and our CB Add-ons are not vulnerable with default or any reasonably possible settings.

Of course Community Builder 2.1.1 is fully compatible with Joomla 3.6.5 and can be easily installed over any CB 2.0+ environment for a quick upgrade.

All Joomlapolis add-ons are CB 2.1.1 compatible and you can see them in action on our updated demo site.


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nant replied the topic: #290361 7 years 1 month ago
Changelog follows:


6446 Update fontawesome to 4.7.0
6438 Use https for update channel, version checks and newsfeed
6432 Language Finder: implement searching of non-default keys and strings
6425 PHP 7.1 compatibility
6409 Improve XML table styling for repeat usages
6389 Implement legacy menu item migration
6380 Improve canvas box with stacked classes
6377 Language Finder auto-add new row

6445 Module CBAdmin in Joomla administration: Newsfeed images using http instead of https link, making green icon yellow
6443 Date API months are not being replaced by translated values
6430 Connections notification from url missing user
6428 Old URL structure usage in connections notification
6421 Third-party library: Update Guzzle's fallback cacert.pem to latest version
6420 Update PHPMailer to latest version 5.2.22 (Following are unexploitable in CB, but still closed with this: CVE-2016-10033, CVE-2016-10045, CVE-2017-5223, CVE-2015-8476)
6416 Tooltips on cbselects target is not corrected
6415 Date and Datetime still not offsetting entirely accurately
6411 Repeat yesno params wrong active class
6410 Repeat within repeat breaks if a row is removed
6400 External links being used for Itemid
6396 0 min/max year not working as expected
6393 ELSE substitution usage doesn't allow substitutions in it
6390 Forbidden word jQuery validation not ignoring empty string
6387 cbselect conditions in XML not working properly
6383 cbTooltip unable to handle document selectors
6382 Modal open CSS class added too late and removed too early
6381 Old sample data fields using reserved field ids
6371 Client side resizing thinks the image is always PNG
6365 Language finder click can override existing strings
6113 Workaround for Poxy potential vulnerabilities on unpatched Apache CVE-2016-5387 and PHP CVE-2016-5385

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